Fall Semester Wrap-up

Scott Kostohryz

Scott Kostohryz,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 9 December 2013 – This fall semester was an exciting one. I learned much about some of the manufacturing processes used in industry, about fluid dynamics, and about the applications of MATLAB in engineering. I also refined my skills as a leader in the Robe Leadership Institute.

While taking Senior Design, my team and I have been challenged but we have enjoyed every second of it. We have begun 3D solid modeling in Autodesk Inventor. Our plan as a team is to have our CAD model finished around the first week of classes in Spring Semester. Below is the top portion of our sheet cleaning mechanism we will be machining for ATCO and delivering to them as well.

ME Senior Design

At the completion of this semester, I had the opportunity to work with the Ohio University Career & Leadership Development Center, participating in the Bobcat Leadership Project. Two groups of 6 students worked with two companies, Exel and TQL, on a leadership case study. Throughout the course of the weekend, these teams worked together to give a presentation at the conclusion of the weekend. The primary focus for our team’s work with Exel was to find a location for a new shipping center, how the new location would be staffed and how a manager would work with a team of 20 individuals. This was a great experience outside of the classroom and Russ College. It was great to work with other students from other disciplines and see how they think. This was very much a small taste of the “real world”, allowing students to work together, make presentations, and refine their skills.

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