Meeting a Russ Prize Winner

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 21 February 2014 – Yesterday, members of the Engineering Ambassadors and the Robe Leadership Institute had the opportunity to have a breakfast and discussion with Dr. James Wynne. Dr. Wynne is the 2013 winner of the Russ Prize for his work on developing the laser that would make LASIK and PRK procedures possible. The Russ Prize is the highest honor for bioengineering achievements that better the human condition and is awarded by Ohio University and the National Academy of Engineering.

The meeting over breakfast flowed like a conversation with friends with the topics developing from whatever came up. The food itself sparked conversation ranging from how your morning diet can affect your overall health to Dr. Wynne’s recent profitable investment in a coffee company. A large amount of what Dr. Wynne talked about was based around his family and his college experience. It was clear that his family plays a large role in is life. It was also possible to see that his life was widely defined by his college experience, the people he met, and the opportunities he was given while still in school. At one point the students provided their plans for the future with Dr. Wynne giving encouragement and advice on how to get the most out of their careers. The discussion never got around to Dr. Wynne’s award-winning achievement, though he did share his medal with the group, inciting a brief discussion about its composition.

The conversation flowed easily throughout the meal and would have continued on had the room not been reserved by another group. The Ambassadors had an excellent opportunity in getting to meet Dr. Wynne. He was very personable, and also had great advice to give to the senior engineers as they are about to graduate.

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