Getting Ready for Spring Break in San Diego

Steven Crane

Steven Crane,
Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 22 February 2014 – Good moooooooorning students!

I’m currently working through week 6 of my spring semester and I’m starting to hit the wall, but I’m keeping my eyes on the prize! During spring break I’m going to San Diego…sponsored by the Robe Leadership Institute (RLI). As a class, we will be attending a leadership convention from Monday to Thursday.

I’ve never been to California and I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity (especially since this winter has been EXTREEEEMELY cold). This semester has been challenging because of the course load, my new job as a lab-assistant, and just life in general, but I know that my degree will be worth it.

San Diego

(This is not a picture I took…I haven’t been there yet! LOL)

I’m looking forward to this trip, because I will be able to grow my leadership skills for a week with fellow Robe Leadership Scholars. The RLI is an engineering leadership group through the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. I was nominated for it through the ETM department because I showed leadership. Leadership is a resource that is getting harder, and harder to find.

This was a semester-long seminar in the Fall and we met twice a week, for 1.5 hours each meeting. We had guest speakers come in and share their experiences and much more! It was by far the most intellectually challenging class I’ve had that wasn’t technology-based.

By taking this class, I didn’t cut down on credits I needed for my major, but I knew that what I would learn here would be priceless throughout my career. I’ve already started applying most of what we learned in class in my leadership roles already! Ohio University’s engineering college is a lot more than engineering, if you ask me!

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