Summer Co-op at Honda

Justin Lumbard

Justin Lumbard,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 31 August 2014

The end of this summer was bittersweet. While I am always happy to come back to Athens, this summer I had the awesome opportunity of being invited back for my third co-op with Honda R&D Americas Inc. I worked in the Steering and Handling test group (this summer and last summer) and my group was responsible for the way the vehicle responds when the steering wheel is turned both when the car is stationary and when it is moving at any speed.

I helped the engineers tune steering systems to fit the needs of the anticipated demographics for several types of Hondas. I was able to watch the new Acura TLX go from the early prototype stages to a full-blown automobile, and it was a fantastic learning experience. I was exposed to some of the other new models Honda is currently working on and I am very excited to see them as finished vehicles.

Probably some of the best experiences I had working with Honda were some of the higher speed testing trials that I was able to sit in on. Watching a highly trained engineer push a prototype vehicle up to the very highest limit of the car is a great experience, but sitting in the car while it is sliding sideways is another experience entirely. I learned how to control motion sickness very quickly, as collecting data using computers while someone drives is actually much more difficult than it sounds. I was able to work with some extremely talented and smart people and I will not soon forget the experiences I had there.

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