Benefits of My Summer Internship

Steve Toth

Steve Toth,
Junior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 3 September 2014

As a Russ College student I’m surrounded by students who had worked in engineering co-ops and internships. After hearing them talk about all the new skills they learned and the great experiences they had, I decided that I wanted to do the same thing. As fall semester came to a close, I decided I should probably start my job search. Little to my knowledge, most companies had filled their internship slots long ago, so as spring semester went on, I thought I would not get to have a real world engineering experience.

Out of the blue one day, an opening popped up that caught my attention. This opening was with Ludowici Roof Tile, located in New Lexington, OH; just a half hour from my hometown of Lancaster, OH. After a brief interview and plant tour I was offered the job. Man, I was ecstatic!

During my internship I worked full-time under the supervision of a mechanical engineer. I did not have a truly standard day. Primarily, I was tasked with designing unique solutions to improve current production machines as well as designing new machines. Additionally, I was charged with seeing that the project went from the napkin drawing, to SolidWorks (did I mention I had to learn a new modeling software!?), to the machine shop, and lastly I had to assist in the implementation of the machine. Through this process I interacted with people from a variety of backgrounds which allowed me to see both what I was designing and life as a whole in a brand new light.

My internship with Ludowici was truly a growing experience and I could not imagine my summer without it. The skills I honed by working in the real world are just the start to the benefits I gained from my internship. I feel that the relationships I built were the real prize.

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