Events on Campus

Gavin Whitehead

Gavin Whitehead,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 13 October 2014

I always heard that there is always something to do on campus, but I didn’t know how much until now. I picked up a fall semester involvement pamphlet at Nelson the other day that has most of the University sponsored events. I was really surprised to see how many events there actually are.

The pamphlet was split into weeks and looking through it I found that there is a minimum of ten events every week which is pretty amazing. I already added a few events that caught my eye and a few comedy shows on there that I am looking forward to going to.

Aside from just pure fun, I started finding a few other events and seminars that were actually pretty interesting and beneficial. The other day I received an email about a seminar on job offers and negotiating your salary with employers. This caught my eye because who doesn’t want to make more money!? The seminar was great and I am looking forward to using those tips I have written down in my notebook. One thing cool about the seminar is that the speaker not only researches different techniques about salary negotiation but he had stories about how he has actually used those techniques in his career.

I can’t wait for the upcoming comedy events to get away from classes and who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh every once and a while?

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