Breakfast with Charles and Marilyn Stuckey

Claire Hall

Claire Hall,
Senior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 24 November 2014

Charles R. Stuckey Jr. graduated from Ohio University with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 1966 and then began a career in Information Technology as a systems engineer with IBM.

Most recently, he served as president and chief executive officer of RSA Security until 2006. During that time RSA grew from 19 employees to 1,500 employees and was ranked in the top 100 security software companies in the world.

Last week, some of the Engineering Ambassadors had the opportunity to share a breakfast with Mr. Stuckey and his wife at the OU Inn. This was a great chance for all of the students to have a conversation with a former Russ College student about his experience and journey after graduation.

Mr. Stuckey spoke about how it wasn’t necessarily the knowledge he gained during classes that helped him have so much success. Instead he spoke on how the development of skills like problem solving and how their application is what supported his achievements. This is something all of us were able to relate to, as we’re all starting from the same position he had. We all have large opportunities in front of us and are beginning our own journeys of success.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuckey both answered questions and talked about how their relationship was impacted by his work and all of their family moves. It was great to hear how they both thrived through those stressful times by supporting each other and being supported by caring family. The breakfast was an awesome time and a great way for us to learn from an accomplished Russ College alumni.

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