Winter Break is Over

Steve Toth

Steve Toth,
Junior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 13 January 2015

“What!? Break is over already? What do you mean classes start Monday?” I’m sure this same thought was running through the minds of many students (and professors) this past weekend. For those that stayed in Athens that probably means they have to start fighting for parking spots again. For those that went home that means no more home-cooked meals. Regardless, for all, it means back to the grindstone.

Although it may not be welcomed at first, spring semester does have its perks. Athens will not be as barren and lonely (for those that stayed in or visited Athens over break, you know what I mean). Friends will be reunited. You no longer have to live in your parent’s NEW closet / workout room / sewing room. (If your parents haven’t converted your old bedroom into something for themselves, trust me they are planning).

And most importantly, spring semester offers a new course load with new professors and new classmates providing new experiences, new friends and the opportunity to explore new interests. Well it’s back to homework for me; bundle up ladies and gents, it’s time for winter…

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