Senior Citizen Bingo

Casey Davis

Casey Davis,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 10 February 2015

Being part of the engineering ambassadors is more than just giving tours and wooing prospective students, it involves the giving back to the local community in one way or another. Last weekend, a few of my fellow ambassadors and I went to a local assisted living community to play Bingo with some of the residents there.

I was super excited as I myself love Bingo. We arrived and seemed to bond with some of the residents and employees that were also excited we were there. There seemed to be a few regulars there as you might imagine. We played a Valentine’s Day special bingo that had candy hearts with words instead of the typical letter-number
combination. I was surprised to learn that I had no idea what some of the acronyms meant such as S.I.W.A.K (seal it with a kiss). Lucky for me there were a few people with a few more Valentine’s Day under their belt.

I always enjoy doing little community service projects because they remind you about the little things in life. The nice thing about community service and service projects is that they are readily available and are always abundant in any community. I hope that future ambassadors get to go back to this community as it was a blast for me and my peers.

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