Accepting a Job to Start My Career

Justin Lumbard

Justin Lumbard,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 29 March 2015

As a graduating senior, one of the more daunting tasks that I have had to do is interview for jobs and really decide what direction I wanted to go with my career as I finish. So far, it has been a natural progression from one school to another, but now that I have some choices, it makes things a bit more interesting.

I have had several day-long interviews with companies, which are an exhausting experience. I also had been thinking about attending Ohio University for a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Ohio’s program is becoming really excellent and it would make for a really good transition into the “real world”.

Recently, however, I had an interview with Honda R&D in Raymond, Ohio. They extended me an offer for a Suspension Test engineering position which I was glad to accept just a few days ago. Now that that weight is off my shoulders, I plan to finish out my projects well and head to Haiti for my final senior design project.

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