Internships Off-Campus and On-Campus

Jordan Sapp

Jordan Sapp,
Senior, Civil Engineering

Athens, OH 21 September 2015

As many have probably heard before, internships are a very important part of a college education. It is possible to work an internship at any time of the year. Some students choose to intern only during their summer while some choose to take a semester off of school to gain field experience working an internship.

This past summer I had the opportunity to work a three month long internship with Danis Building Construction. I worked on an eight million dollar hospital renovation in Youngstown. My position was intern project engineer and I was working on site with the project engineer along with the senior superintendent. While working for Danis I learned more of the engineering that goes into beginning and completing a construction project.

This semester I came back to school to continue with class but I also managed to get another internship with a very similar company, Elford. I am working on a bit larger project with Elford, a 24 million dollar remodel and addition of a campus building, McCracken Hall.

So, I am taking classes in the mornings and then working in the afternoons. I have learned a lot this semester about time management and making sure I am able to hold firm to all of the things I am committed to.

If I were to encourage anyone to do anything while in school it would be to get out into the field and get some experience through an internship. The Russ College offers career fairs where students can interact with companies and pursue internships and jobs.

As I continue to work through internships, I am able to learn about myself, what I enjoy doing and what I really dislike doing. If you don’t get any experience before you graduate, it will be very difficult to know exactly what you would like to pursue as a full-time career.

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