Applied Cellular and Molecular Biology

Leigh Ann Tumblin

Leigh Ann Tumblin,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular engineering

Athens, OH 18 October 2015

Now that we are more than halfway through the fall semester, our engineering classes are becoming more challenging, but also more interesting and exciting. One course I am taking this semester is Applied Cellular and Molecular Biology, which is a chemical engineering class. Biology concepts have never been my strong suit, but I am really enjoying this class and all the things I am learning in it.

In this class, we are learning about things such as the fluid behavior of blood, immunology, diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, and flow cytometry, just to name a few topics. One of the main purposes of the class is to apply basic biology and biomedical concepts in learning how to develop large scale processes to produce the much needed diagnostics and therapeutics that keep us healthy.

My favorite part about the class is that we get to conduct a flow cytometry experiment in the research lab of our professor. Flow cytometry helps characterize the size and complexity of cells, and can be used to determine if cancer cells are present or not.

I’m really glad I decided to take this course because it gave me a perspective on medicine that I never would have had otherwise. I also enjoyed the fact that it pushed me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to learn new things.

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