Engineering Ambassador Corporate Trip

Natasha Norris

Natasha Norris,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 22 October 2015

The Russ College provides a corporate trip for the Engineering Ambassadors each year. This year, we traveled to Charlotte, NC. The purpose of the trip is to enlighten the ambassadors about the opportunities available after college, develop professional connections, and reconnect with alumni.

On the second day of our trip, we toured a power plant. After taking several pictures of the plant, we made time to absorb the vast side of the factory and bond as a group. It was amazing to witness the energy being developed and then be told how much they actually produced for North Carolina.

For lunch, we visited with an alumnus that currently leads a large department in Home Depot. He presented on his career after Ohio University. He advised us to take positions in your career that nobody wanted; it shows management you’re up for the challenge. It could be the position that gets you to the position you desire. If you succeed, great, but if you fail, it still shows management your ambition to try.

He also advised us not to settle into a career; keep working for your dream career. Also, when it comes to salary discussions, have one. Do not just take the first offer. If the company is going to hire you, you are a valuable asset to their company. Ask for a small amount more, most likely you will get it. Since he is a manager and designates salaries quite often, we all took his advice seriously.

After lunch, we traveled to a company that creates manufacturing parts. A human resource manager gave us advice on understanding YOUR company culture.

  • Do you prefer a creative environment or more private and independent?
  • Do you prefer to be pushed at full capacity or a more relaxed setting?

This is important in understanding where you will fit. Your interests and the company’s must align if you are going to be satisfied in your job.

All in all, the knowledge I gained from these speakers will continue with me through my career. I will always research a company’s culture before I go to apply and if I am ever offered a position, I will be confident when discussing my salary.

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