Interactive Computer Graphics

Wilson Taylor

Wilson Taylor,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 24 November 2015

As the semester is winding down our final projects are beginning to ramp up. One class this is especially true for is my Interactive Computer Graphics course.

Throughout the semester we have been exposed to various concepts surrounding computer graphics. We have been given various small-scale projects that focus on learning one or two distinct ideas and implementing them. The final project for the course is to come up with my own interactive, graphical program that would showcase what we have learned throughout the semester.

At first, this seemed daunting to me because I had to come up with the idea myself. However, after spending some time trying to come up with a project idea I quickly found myself far more interested in the assignment as the idea would be my own and I’d have more investment in the final product.

The project I decided upon implementing was an explorable, open room environment with various objects decorating the walls. As a player, you would explore the room and flip the objects over by clicking on them. On the back of each of the objects would be a number or shape that would be matched with another object in the same room. The project allowed me to create an engaging game while challenging me to expand upon the concepts I learned throughout the semester.

Admittedly, I found the project difficult and even frustrating at times but I learned a great deal and ended up creating a fun game.

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