Post-College Adventures

Steve Toth

Steve Toth,
Senior, Engineering Technology and Management

Athens, OH 8 December 2015

As the first half of my senior year comes to a close I would like to follow up on one of my previous posts about the fall career fair and the great opportunities it presented. During the fair, one of the companies I spoke to was Honda of America. Following the fair, I was offered an on-campus interview and was later offered an on-site interview for a position as a new model packaging engineer. Shortly after, I was offered and accepted the position which is in Marysville, OH.

This start to my career as an engineer is very exciting for me as a way to branch out and apply myself in a discipline that is not only new and interesting, but also presents the challenges of being a part of the automotive industry. It is also comforting to be able to focus on my studies in my last semester, which will be the most challenging, instead of searching for jobs.

In addition to finding a full-time job, I have been also accepted into a position within the Ohio Army National Guard as a platoon leader within a maintenance company, in order to serve my commitment with Army ROTC. Between working for Honda and serving in the National Guard, I look forward to the challenges I will be faced with and the growth I will experience from these challenges.

Beyond these two positions, I’m also looking forward to a project of my own. One of my life long dreams, which seems ever closer, has been to farm. Over the next few years I will be renting 55 acres from my parents in Lancaster, OH as I renovate not only the house but also the property in preparation to purchase and begin my lifelong dream of farming (picture below).

Lancaster Farm

I have no doubt that the next few years of my life will be very busy but I look forward to the new opportunities and challenges I will encounter once my time at Ohio University is over.

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