Sibs Weekend 2016

Nicole Sova

Nicole Sova,
Senior, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 11 February 2016

Every year OU holds family weekends: Parents, Moms, Dads, and&emdash;most recently&emdash;Sibs Weekend. As an out-of-state student, these weekends bring one of two things. They are either an exciting family reunion packed with as many of my favorite Athens activities as I can fit into one short weekend, or they are a chance to get to know my friends’ families while trying to push aside thoughts of missing my own family.

Sibs weekend this year was a combination of the two. My sister, Alexis, is now a freshman at OU, so even though my other sisters were not able to come down I was still able to enjoy the weekend with family.

Sibs Weekend

With all of the scheduled Sibs Weekend activities, we started out the weekend by lounging around in my apartment trying to figure out which events we wanted to attend. We decided to check out a lot of the events (like the Sibs carnival and Sibs bash), but didn’t spend much time at any Sibs weekend event. Instead, we spent the weekend together doing normal things and taking tons of pictures, treating the time together like a novelty.

Sibs Weekend

We spent Saturday afternoon goofing off at Ping Recreation Center. Because there was a Sibs weekend Zumbathon, the normally scheduled Zumba class was canceled and we were able to take over the group fitness room. We held our own Zumba session and then tried to see who could handstand the longest (Alexis won).

Sibs Weekend

After Ping, we ran some errands and stopped for a coffee at Tim Horton’s. Tim Horton’s coffee dates used to be our favorite at home, so it just seemed appropriate to spend a bit of Sibs Weekend chatting over coffee.

To end the perfect Sibs Weekend Saturday we decided to go see the Bobcats Senior night hockey game. Watching the fans run around the arena after every goal I began to get nostalgic: knowing that that was the last game I’d see as an undergrad and that many of the players I had watched since freshman year were now graduating.

Then Lex made me pose for a snapchat and I remembered what a great day we had just had.

Sibs Weekend

However, the day was far from over. After Ohio beat Illinois (by a landslide) we stayed to take our turn on the ice for an open skate.

Sibs Weekend

We skated for hours, despite not being especially good at it, because Adam, my friend (and fellow engineering ambassador) promised to give Alexis a ride on the Zamboni as he cleaned up the ice at the end of the night.

Sibs Weekend

Sibs Weekend

As Adam and Alexis drove around the ice, I slipped back into slight nostalgia. I have loved all of my experiences at OU. I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to share these experiences and friends with my sister not only on special weekends, but all the time.

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