Summer at JPMorgan Chase

Emily Morello

Emily Morello,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 23 August 2016

June 6, 2016, was the first day of my internship at one of the largest finance companies in the world: JPMorgan Chase. As a mechanical engineering major entering the finance world, I was a little confused about the type of work I would be doing for the company. Luckily enough, I was assigned a great manager who had an assignment that was very relevant to my studies laid out for me from day one. She had studied industrial and systems engineering in college and had interned at JPMorgan for two rotations during that time, so she knew where I was coming from.

Basically, for the entire duration of the summer, I was a web application developer. The mechanical engineering program at OU requires students to learn to code in the language C. It was really helpful that I had some coding background when I was put on my assignment, and because of this, I did not have to learn everything from scratch. Once a person has a programming mindset, it is easy to learn new languages.

For my assignment, I worked with another intern in an Agile Development method to add enhancements to an audit application. We had to code with a MVC 5 Asp.Net framework.
MVC stands for Model, View, Controller, and basically makes it easier for a user to be able to create, edit, and delete data from a database. The Asp.Net deals with how the code is bundled. We coded in Javascript, Jquery, C#, and HTML 5.

This was all very new to me, so it involved a lot of training videos and Googling. Some of my specific tasks included adding features to the navigation bar, creating a notification drop down menu, and creating web pages.

I really did have a great experience at JPMorgan. I am grateful that the Career Fair the Russ College held last fall introduced me to this company. Now I have more coding skills that will help me throughout the rest of college.

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