Women in Aviation Conference

Becca Sedlak

Becca Sedlak,
Junior, Aviation Flight

Athens, OH 14 March 2017

Being a part of an organization has many perks—for example, having a conference in Orlando the week before Spring Break causing you to have two weeks of Spring Break.

I have gone to the Women in Aviation International conference since my freshman year. Since this was my third year, I knew more about how to approach companies that I might want to be hired by in the future.

This conference has helped me grow more as a person and give me more knowledge about the field that I want to go into. I have grown more confident in speaking with companies and knowing in what I want in my future career. I have met a pilot without arms, a female fighter pilot who was in D.C. during 9/11 and a flight attendant who was on the Miracle on the Hudson flight; those are just a few of the amazing women there.

There are all of these amazing women there and they just want to help students who are trying to get into the field. Every woman there has an inspiring story and will give you tips that they wish they knew at my age. I always look forward to the conference every year because I get closer with other members in the OU chapter, but I also see my friends who I made my freshman year in the conference.

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