Road Trip to Arizona

Joe Meyer

Joe Meyer,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 8 September 2017

My friend Matt worked an internship out in California with the AmeriCorps helping with wildlife habitat conservation and reparation. He wanted to take his car all the way from Ohio to California, and wanted someone to go with him. I wasn’t starting work until later in the summer, and I had also not seen many states or landmarks out west.

It was the perfect trip because he had everything planned, all I had to do was follow along for the ride. We made it from Ohio to Missouri, Missouri to Colorado, Colorado to Utah, and then Utah to Arizona. We camped in different National Forests and locations owned by the Bureau of Land Management. We shared Matt’s two-person tent, but with two grown adult men it felt more like a one-person tent.

I was able to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, stand under the Delicate Arch in Utah, and camp on the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon

I would recommend to anyone to take a road trip to any location, because it is great time off to relax and enjoy a numerous amount of hours sitting in a car listening to the same 50 songs. Luckily my mom and sister happened to be in Arizona right when I was passing through with Matt, so I was able to fly home with them.

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