CS Life

Jordan Osman

Jordan Osman,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 25 September 2017

Over the summer I ended up taking a probability and statistics course and linear
algebra course. It was my second summer at OU, so I was pretty excited to utilize the rock climbing wall since there would never be a wait. I also hiked often and really got to know Athens and places near Athens without the massive influx of people.

Related to engineering, I ended up going through a couple of phone screenings and a technical interview and eventually offered a job when I graduate in 2018.

Other than that I have been enjoying learning more about graphics and hardware performance and have been seeing my professors over the summer if I had any questions.

Something new that I’ve been doing this semester is regularly scheduled activities like basketball, strikers, board games, and other activities with my friends weekly which has been a lot of fun.

Another activity I have been getting involved in is attending the Ohio Women’s soccer games with my friends which has probably been one of my favorite things to ever partake in at OU. My roommate and I also occasionally attend the field hockey games as well which is also a fun time.

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