Becoming a Cat Owner

Becca Sedlak

Becca Sedlak,
Senior, Aviation Flight

Athens, OH 27 September 2017

I have always been a huge pet lover and ever since going to college I could not wait until I went back home to play with my neighbors dog. Being in the dorms for two years I was not able to have an animal. I had friends who had dogs when they moved into a house, so I would go over and play with their dogs. Once I moved off campus last year, I tried so hard to get a dog but I had a roommate who was terrified of dogs. Thankfully my neighbors had a dog that I would watch from time to time to help them out.

Since there are some days that I am not home because I am flying all day I accepted that I would not be able to care for a dog while in college. Earlier this month, though, things changed and I became a cat mom.

My roommate and I were walking home and we decided to stop into a thrift store that is apart of the Humane Society to play with the kittens to relieve some stress. When we walked into the store and asked about the kittens, the owner asked if we just wanted to play or willing to adopt. I said just play unless something changes.

The owner brought out a cat named Crackers and introduced him to me and I knew that I would be leaving the store with him. When the owner first brought him out I went to pet him and he just rolled over on his back and the rest was history.

I took him home and renamed him Leo and spent my 21st birthday playing with the cat I just got rather than going out. I stopped by the store a few days later to tell the owner that Leo had found his forever home. I found out that this poor cat was abused and abandoned before the owner got him and all adoption fees were waived because they just wanted him to have a good home. He is a goofball that likes to play fetch and watch all the birds from the sliding door in my apartment.

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