Enjoying Field Hockey

Joe Meyer

Joe Meyer,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 23 October 2017

One sport I did not know anything about this year is Field Hockey. Even after attending multiple games this semester, I still don’t know all of the rules. It might be more accurate to call it “Xtreme Golf” instead of field hockey, due to the following factors: color of the field, the way the club/stick is swung, length of the field compared to a par 3 golf course, size of the goal compared to a golf hole, and the height the ball was hit at normally for each swing.

Since I was a huge fan of the game the first time I went, I made sure to attend the rest of the home games. My favorite game I went to was with my roommate Jake. Before the game two of the players gave us their spirited shirts that were pink and showed the field hockey team’s support for breast cancer awareness.

The last game I went to this year at home I saw their first win, and that was one of my favorite memories of this year.

Field Hockey

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