Preparing for My Final Semester

Matt McKenzie

Matt McKenzie,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 18 December 2017

As my senior year is now halfway completed, one place that I am looking to spend a little extra time in my last semester is helping others become better equipped for success. In my time here there has been one organization, the Human Powered Vehicle Team, that has helped me build up my skill set, learn and apply vast amounts of information outside of the classroom, and has given me opportunities I likely would not have otherwise had.

The Human Powered Vehicle team was found at Ohio University when I was a freshman by two graduate students. Following the first year and competition in Florida, myself and another sophomore at the time took leadership of the organization. In the last two-and-a-half years, both of us have grown immensely, but it has come time to pass on the torch again. In order to set up the organization for the best chance of success long term, the team has set up a system in which the new leaders are transitioned in before the previous leaders have left the university. This allows them to act as a mentor and help their successors learn the ropes a little before being thrown into the deep end per se.

With the upcoming semester being the last of my undergraduate career, I am really looking forward to doing my best to build crucial skills in future leaders to make not only this year, but years to come successful for the team.

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