Robe Leadership Institute

Quinn Mitchell

Quinn Mitchell,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 27 September 2018

This semester, I am a part of the Robe Leadership Institute. This is a class dedicated to developing the leadership skills of Russ College students. The professor, Dr. David Bayless, combines lessons from the literature, from guest lecturers, and from his own life. These lessons take place twice a week in the form of round table discussions.

In addition, the class has a semester-long applied leadership exercise@mdash;the Eco Challenge. The Eco Challenge brings together engineers with students from other majors to develop sustainability-driven changes for the university and/or community.

The best part of the Robe Leadership Institute is that it is made for engineers. Unlike many leadership classes, this is based on the students also having a technical skill set. In my opinion, this makes the class much more worthwhile. Furthermore, since all the guest speakers are engineers, the class is one of the best opportunities in the Russ College to learn from successful engineers from industry. These engineers have a great deal of knowledge that is greatly
beneficial to students who are preparing to start their careers.

Although I am only five weeks into this class, I believe it is an extremely beneficial addition to
any Russ College student’s class schedule.

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