Bingo Night at Lindley Inn

Jelena Mrvos

Jelena Mrvos,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 12 November 2018

Last week, a couple of ambassadors and I went to the Lindley Inn Assisted Living Home to play bingo! Residents there play bingo three times a week, so every once in a while the ambassadors will come play along with them. Julia, Quinn, and I spent about an hour there, and the time flew right by! I never expected to have as much fun playing bingo as I did last night.

All of the residents were so excited it was bingo night. Multiple people told me it’s their favorite type of game night that Lindley organizes. We all sat around at a big table, and each person got two bingo boards. Quinn called the numbers, while Julia and I played alongside the residents. As numbers on our cards were called, we put marbles over each square to keep track of our points.

My favorite part of the evening was getting to know a few of the residents, and I spent a majority of the night talking with a woman named Marianne. She was the life of the party that night! Whether she was reminding a fellow ambassador how to properly call the bingo numbers, or checking her friends’ boards to make sure they didn’t miss anything that was called, Marianne’s spunk kept things interesting!

All three of us had a great time that night, and we are already looking forward to another trip back to Lindley Inn!

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