Beauty of Athens

Alvin Chaney

Alvin Chaney,
Junior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 21 November 2018

During the fall, the city of Athens beautifully transforms into the ideal autumn setting. Everywhere I go, I can see God’s beauty in every tree. The crimson and gold leaves wrap around the trees as they glow in the sunlight. I have always loved the fall months in Athens, especially when I was on East Green. During my first two years on campus, I lived in the Read-Johnson complex where I would observe the trees change from a sea of green to a canvas of red and yellow. I took pictures of the trees once they changed each year.

Autumn in Athens

East Green Corridor; Photographed by A. Chaney, 2016

Autumn in Athens

Shot from Washington Arch; Photographed by A. Chaney, 2017

This year, I live in Bromley Hall, which sits in downtown Athens. Instead of a sea of green, it is a sea of red bricks, black asphalt and gray concrete. As the months passed by, I wondered if I would see the beauty of Athens again. However, on my way to class, I saw the picturesque landscape of Athens again, a tree near Baker, and the sunlight captured it perfectly. The trees outside Alden Library, College Green, and near Bentley Hall have been wonderful sources of pictures.

Autumn in Athens

Tree at Baker University Center; Photographed by A. Chaney, 2018

I would say that taking pictures during the fall is a nice pastime for me as it gives my mind reprieve. I strongly encourage my fellow students to “slow down, breathe in, then look around”. There is beauty all around us—we just need to take the time to find it and appreciate it.

Autumn in Athens

Bentley’s Treel; Photographed by A. Chaney, 2018

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