Women in Aviation

Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 16 January 2019

One Russ College organization that I am involved with is Women in Aviation International (WAI). Fall semester was a wonderful time for our organization.

There are not many female pilots in our aviation program at OU, nor in the industry as a whole, so I think that it is incredibly important to have this organization as a way to support each other. While currently only five percent of airline pilots are female, the industry is quickly changing.

Last academic year, I was the only female student in a class of forty and this year we had six young women join our department. We had over fifteen new members become a part of our organization last fall, and I am really excited to see how enthusiastic the first year students are about being a part of WAI and beginning their careers in aviation.

One of the biggest events our organization hosted last semester was a Chili
Cook Off, an annual event that is hosted by WAI as an opportunity for us to increase awareness about the organization as well as fund raise for our chapter to attend the international conference in the spring.

The fundraiser went very well, we had about fifty people attend and raised almost four hundred dollars to help us get to conference! Many of the aviation students attended with their parents so it was a great opportunity for everyone to meet and allowed the students to show their parents the airport and our fleet, giving them a taste of what we are lucky enough to call school.

We had several games of cornhole in the hangar and the whole event had a wonderful atmosphere. It was a great day to enjoy some homemade chili and the beautiful fall weather.

This is one of my favorite organizations that I am a part of because it gives me the opportunity to form friendships with other students in the major and to help incoming students feel welcomed and supported.

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