Recreation and Extracurriculars at OU

Andrew Noll

Andrew Noll,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 23 April 2019

Being in engineering is a high time commitment, and usually a pretty stressful workload. Its always nice to have hobbies that you enjoy, to give yourself a break from the routine. Luckily, here at Ohio University, there are countless opportunities for hobbies. These include some of our some 500 clubs like Snowcats, and fishing club, just to name two I have been part of.

OU also has 2 intramural sport seasons each semester in which students can play sports like volleyball, flag football, badminton, softball and more! Even more so, OU offers classes in recreation (REC), and physical activity (PAW). The recreation classes usually involve some sort of outdoor activity like camping, horseback riding or scuba diving. Our PAW classes include most sports and give students some time each week to get active.

During my earlier years here, I took a lot of credits, so now in order to stay full-time, I have some extra class slots to fill. This semester I took PAW 1100 (Basketball) and next semester I will be taking PAW 1208 (Archery). I am excited to have these classes as they give me time to forget about my responsibilities for a short while.

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