Just for Fun Class: Horseback Riding

Reagan Richardson

Reagan Richardson,
Junior, Energy Engineering

Athens, OH 1 October 2019

Last spring I knew I wanted to take a “just for fun class” during fall semester, but I wasn’t sure in what. After browsing the course catalog and figuring what worked out with my schedule, I decided on Western Horseback Riding. I had ridden before when I was younger so it wasn’t completely new territory but it’s definitely been a couple years to say the least.

I was nervous going to my first class as horses can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. It’s very intimidating when you see just how much bigger they are than you and how easy it would be for them to overpower you. The instructor paired us up with our horses and informed me that my horse’s name was Lottie and as the class got started I could feel my tension start to melt away as I brushed and prepared her to ride.

To my surprise, we got our horses completely ready and then had to take all the equipment back off, put it all away, and lead the horses back into their stalls. Our instructor informed us that our first lesson was about learning to take the time to prepare and to not be discouraged when we don’t accomplish everything we initially set out to do.

Deciding to take this extra class has allowed me to have that specific time blocked out to de-stress and enjoy doing something a little different than your traditional engineering curriculum. It has reminded me how important it is to take time for yourself and to explore new things, and in my case revisit something I previously enjoyed. I hope that through this experience I can convince someone else to take that leap and try something out just for fun.

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