Enjoying Golf in Athens

Tim Napoli

Tim Napoli,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 18 October 2019
One recreational event here on campus that I really enjoy is golfing. Just being outside and enjoying the view of the Hocking river that splits the course allows me to relax and I am happy that Ohio University makes it possible to participate in that sport.

OU has a wide range of sports and many spaces for those sports to be played. For golf, this mean either the university’s driving range or the challenging 9-hole golf course.


The driving range is in close proximity to campus and is a large open field where you can hit balls until your heart’s desire. I am happy that OU offers this usable space to practice, because it is cheaper to improve my game at the range than on the course, and I don’t have to worry about losing any balls.


When I feel confident enough in my skills, I will usually get a group of friends together and play on the campus golf course. The 9-hole course, although half the number of holes as a regular golf course still offers full length holes and challenging pin locations. Great for golfers of all experience.

There’s something about being outdoors that allows me to relax and to forget about school temporarily. I’m able to relieve stress and just play the sport I enjoy so much. I have met many new friends out on the course or even at the driving range, and I continue to meet new people all the time. I even have fellow pilots who enjoy playing, since that seems to be a popular sport among aviators.


If you haven’t visited the driving range or the golf course here on campus, I highly recommend going to see either one, because there aren’t many other colleges that will offer this experience.

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