Favorite Spots in Athens

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 3 November 2019

Now that I fall has finally set in full swing, I have really been able to finally enjoy my favorite part of Athens once again. The cool, fall air has set in, the bright moon shines at night, and last but not least, the leaves have changed color!

Athens is full of trees all shapes and sizes. They look beautiful all times of the year, but the best is when fall hits. The landscape changes and makes the drives to and from Athens so mesmerizing. During this time of year, there are three places on and around campus that I love to go to.

The first place many students enjoy going to is on campus. A short walk from Stocker Center, Emereti Park is the perfect place to sit and do homework. This small park just North of Ping and Walter Fieldhouse, is a beautiful area. There is a small pond, gazebos, benches and plenty of wildlife to keep you company. If you enjoy hanging around in a hammock, this is a perfect spot. In addition, a Pokestop! During the fall, the pond fills with the different color leaves as the landscapes takes its shape and prepares for winter.

My second favorite spot is a just a short walk from campus. If you leave the ARC and head north on Depot Street, just a top the hill before the stairs is a small ledge. I love to sit on the ledge and watch as the sun sets into the hills. It is a very quiet spot on campus and therefore is a perfect area to mediate or reminisce on all the memories created on campus. Since this ledge is on hill, it becomes a very popular area for pictures. I often take many pictures as the sun sets on this side of campus.

My third favorite hangout is a little hike off of campus. Across the Hocking, just off of Rock Riffle Road, there is a small trail that leads up to an opening on a hillside. This is a very rewarding view as the hike is very much of an upwards hike and can be very exhausting. Once to the top, the clearing allows you to clearly look over all of campus. This is my favorite spot on campus to hike and just absorb all of campus life in one snapshot. This view is breathtaking but truly captures all of campus. During the fall, this hike is by far the best because campus becomes a beautiful collage of oranges, yellows and browns.

In conclusion, this campus is the prettiest campus by far. Perhaps a little bias, but in my opinion, the fall season is the prettiest here in Athens. These three areas best encompass the fall beauties and brings peace to mind while the semester is in full swing!

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