Road Trip to See The Maine

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 12 November 2019

For the long weekend, a friend and I traveled to Buffalo, NY and Toronto, ON to see my favorite band, The Maine. I was unable to make the Cleveland show, so we decided to make a trip out of it! After the concerts, we stayed an extra day in Toronto to explore the city and do touristy activities like going up the CN tower and seeing Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls


Before the concerts in Buffalo and Toronto, we got dressed up in our gold outfits (the tour had a gold theme) and took pictures in the photobooth the band had set up before the concert.

The Maine

his tour is called ‘The Mirror’, so on-stage stood a mirror-like screen that displayed videos and lyrics throughout the concert. Everyone brought yellow flowers and threw them on stage during the last song, Flowers on The Grave. After the show, I also chatted with members of the band.

The Maine

Toronto was my 30th The Maine show, and the concert in Buffalo marked the 9th state I’ve seen them in. It’s crazy to think that a band I found in middle school would remain such a big part of my life until college.

Even after all this time, going to their shows brings me the same amount of happiness and excitement. This band has allowed me to travel to places I never would’ve thought, have given me a sense of belonging, and have provided me with an escape from the stressful world of school.

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