CS Senior Design: Study Room Availability

Lydia Shiffler

Lydia Shiffler,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 14 November 2019

It’s crazy how fast my time at OU flew by, but it’s finally my senior year. This year comes with many lasts, but also a lot of new and exciting things. One thing that is extremely new is partaking in a senior design project.

In our Computer Science senior design, we get together in groups of 4 and work together to design a piece of software. Professors from all majors come to us with ideas in hopes that one group will pick their idea and implement it. Once we pick a project, we have the rest of the year to make sure it is completed.

For my project, we will be checking study room availability. In the study rooms, we are going to put thermal sensors that we programmed to detect if someone is present in a room. There are so many rooms throughout the university that students can go in and have a quiet place to work, but you never know if they are occupied until you walk up to them to check. Our project takes away the guessing game and gives students mobile and desktop applications that they can go on to see the availability of every study room at the university.

This was a very cool project for Computer Science majors because not only do we have to create a user interface and a database, and work with a server, but we also get to work with hardware. We don’t have much experience with hardware, so it was a really great challenge.

So far, the project is going extremely well and it has been a blast working with friends to try to implement something that students will actually use in the future. Throughout my years here, students have always talked about wanting something like this so they don’t have to keep walking around the building to find a quiet place to study. Hopefully by the time new students come here next year, this will be fully implemented in all the study rooms across campus!

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