CE Water & Wastewater Engineering Project

Lydia Ramlo

Lydia Ramlo,
Senior, Civil Engineering (Russ College) and Environmental Studies (Honors Tutorial College)

Athens, OH 2 December 2019

This semester I am taking my final civil engineering classes, meaning I have completed the last group projects of my curriculum. In water & wastewater engineering, we learn about the treatment and design processes of both water and wastewater treatment plants.

The first half of the semester was focused on water treatment. The class was divided into groups to design a preliminary design of a water treatment plant solely based on a group member hometown’s population and given influent water quality. Each week, the material we learned in class was applied to the design of our water treatment plant.

Water Treatment Design

At the end of the project, we turned in a report explaining and justifying our design and chosen treatment processes as well as gave a presentation to the class.

Additionally, my group had the opportunity to present to Ohio University’s civil engineering board! This project allowed me to have a hands-on experience, and now, I am exploring careers in this field.

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