License Plates

JKay Dunlevy

Kay Dunlevy,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 January 2020

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the license plate game. For those who don’t know, this game involves trying to find as many different license plates as possible. But this is not to be taken lightly – there are rules:

  • Every US state is 10 points. Each state can only be counted one time.
  • A license plate from a US territory, Canada, Native American tribe, or Mexico is only 1 point, but a plate from each specific region can be counted up to ten times.
  • Other plates are 20 points and can only be counted one time.
  • The license plate must be on a vehicle and seen in person by the one playing the game.

Since I’ve been going to OU, I’ve had one goal: find license plates from every state while in Athens. And let me tell you—this journey has been exhilarating.

Of course, the longer I’m in school, the harder it is to find new license plates. When I started my senior year, the pressure was really on—I only had one more year to find every license plate before leaving. The best chance of finding difficult plates is at graduation, but waiting until the last minute like that is a dangerous game fraught with risk. So, I enlisted the help of friends to help me with my quest.


This tactic proved to be extremely effective—whenever someone saw a cool license plate, they’d call me and tell me where it was so I could run to see it myself. For example, I was only able to find Arkansas and the elusive Hawaii plate because my friends were looking out for me!


Overall, I had a lot of fun trying to find all these plates and bringing my friends along with me. Not only have I found all the states, I’ve found places like Great Britain and the Choctaw Nation too! If you’re a license plate hunter, I would recommend coming to Athens—for a small town, it’s surprisingly diverse!

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