Enjoying the Hocking Hills

Logan Veley

Logan Veley,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 18 February 2020

College is filled with stressful assignments and quizzes, and time management can become overwhelming for even the most proactive students. With all of this stress, it is important for everyone to have something that helps them unwind and de-stress throughout the weeks of the semester. My favorite way to decompress is to spend time outdoors.

The area surrounding Athens provides countless opportunities to spend time hiking, fishing, or hammocking. I love trekking through the trails surrounding Dow Lake to find views overlooking the water, but my favorite plans are to go fishing in the evenings after class.

On weekends when I have more time available, I am able to travel to Hocking Hills to explore the trails and caves. My favorite attraction is Ash Cave. I love the massive overhang and the cool air that sits under the rock shelf.

On my last trip to Hocking Hills, we were lucky to see the waterfall at Cedar Falls flowing in full fashion. With the mist churned up into the crisp air, the worries of classes and homework always fade away. I love how being outdoors helps to clear my mind and prepares me to tackle another week.

Cedar Falls Hocking Hills

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