Enjoying OU Sports

JKay Dunlevy

Kay Dunlevy,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 1 March 2020

Since it’s my last year at OU, I’ve been trying to do as many of my favorite things in Athens as I can. This means that I’ve spent a lot of time with friends, had many milkshakes from Larry’s Dawg House, and gone to a lot of OU games. Specifically, I love going to the basketball and hockey games.

Basketball is something I’ve always enjoyed. Growing up, my mom taught at a high school that had a great basketball team, so we would watch her students play every week and follow them to tournament games all over the state. When I got into high school, I loved being the student section and cheering on our team.

Going to OU basketball games brings back all of that nostalgia and excitement – the band plays all sorts of bops to get the crowd riled up, you’re standing and cheering with all of your friends, and you can’t get help but get sucked into the action! Below is some of my friends and I hanging out with Rufus at a basketball game.

Hanging out with Rufus at a basketball game!

Hockey, on the other hand, is something I never really watched until I came to OU. Now, it is by far one of my favorite sport. How can you not enjoy a sport where people are constantly smacking into walls and playing super aggressively?!?

There’s also a lot of little things about hockey games that you don’t get at other sports. For example, Rex (the dinosaur at the hockey games) runs around the whole game and tries to annoy the players from the opposing team. Plus, you’re in a pretty small area, so the noise from the crowd and the music on the loudspeakers get amplified, making the hockey arena a super fun environment to be in! Below is my friends and I having fun at the hockey game.

Having fun at the hockey game!

Overall, it’s been fun to get spend time with my friends at all of the games. As a school, we’re a pretty spirited bunch, and cheering on our teams really brings that out!

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