Finding Ways to Relax

Tim Napoli

Tim Napoli,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 7 March 2020

Being in school can get stressful and very busy very fast. It’s important to find things to do to unwind. Luckily for me I enjoy flying, so I will try to get out to the OU airport and fly whenever I can, weather permitting of course.

If I can’t fly, some things I might do to relax are go play a round of golf with friends or even just turn on some music and chill in my bed. As lazy as that sounds, it allows my mind to clear itself and to not think about anything. It doesn’t take much for our minds to get cluttered with things to do for school or even around the house. So, taking even 15 minutes to unwind helps destress.

It is nice going to school at OU where there are many things to do to relax, including going to the gym, riding bikes or running on the bike path, or watching one of the many sports teams play a game. Take some time away, even if it’s a few minutes from school work, kick back and relax. It helps for me and I’m sure it will help for you.

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