Spring Break Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains

Logan Veley

Logan Veley,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 17 March 2020

I really enjoy any chance to get can’t wait to get outdoors. Over spring break, I was lucky to spend my week exploring the Great Smoky Mountains. It was my first time being able to hike in the mountains, and I loved each and every view.

Great Smoky Mountains

My girlfriend and I trekked off to multiple waterfalls that cut into the remote mountainsides. Every time we hiked or drove past one of the rivers, the clarity of the water blew my mind. You could always see the bottom of the river even when it was around six feet deep. Someday, I would love to return to trout fish in the rivers and brooks.

Great Smoky Mountains

The pictures show two of the highlights of the trip. Our hike along the Appalachian Trail provided scenic mountain overlooks, and Spruce Flats Falls was at full effect from the recent rain. I had so much fun exploring a new part of the country, and I can’t wait for my next trip to mountains.

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