Simulation for Airline Operations Course

Tim Napoli

Tim Napoli,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 13 April 2020

A class project that I am a part of this semester is our Airline Operations course simulation. Throughout the whole semester, we are given a task of creating an airline on an online simulator.

We are in charge of marketing, airfare, what planes and gates to buy/lease, and what routes to fly. This all helps us as pilot to understand daily operations of an airline and why goes on behind the scenes. Since we do a lot of flying, it is awesome to see things from a different perspective. This simulation even helps me to realize why airline tickets are so volatile. It could be $100 one day and $500 the next.

This project is something I actually have enjoyed being a part of and one of my favorites by far. It allows for creativity and managerial skills. I definitely give props to those who are in charge of buying/selling aircraft and putting them on routes to make the most money. That’s a lot of hard work and I could never do that in real life. This is why I chose to fly the plane and not manage it.

As I said before, this is probably one of my most favorite projects from all of college and would definitely participate in it again if it was available. I am pleased to have a new-found knowledge in airline management and look forward to possibly using it someday in the real world.

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