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Professor and Chair in Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Ohio University

Getting Out and Appreciating Campus

Reagan Richardson

Reagan Richardson,
Senior, Energy Engineering

Athens, OH 14 November 2020

It’s nothing new to say the world is a little hectic and a whole lot different right now. Any engineering student will tell you that classes are challenging enough under normal circumstances. Online learning brings on a number of other factors into play. One of those factors is sitting at a desk staring at a screen for long periods of time. This can take a toll on not only your physical health, but your mental health too.

I realized I needed to do something to give myself breaks and step away from the screen. Something that has really seemed to help is taking walks/jogs on the Athens bike path and walking around campus. I have scheduled in breaks in my day to go outside to make sure that I spend time relaxing and unwinding. Sometimes while I’m on these walks I’ll listen to music or call a friend or family member to talk and check in.

Being a senior this year I have made it a mission to take more pictures. Campus and the surrounding areas hold a lot of beauty and I like to capture it to look back on when I no longer having the privilege of being here. There’s also something really satisfying about getting that perfect photo and I wanted to share a few of them here.

Ohio University Campus

Ohio University Campus

Ohio University Campus

Taking a Break After Midterms

Jocelyn Evert

Jocelyn Evert,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 19 October 2020

Hey everyone! Wow online midterms are rough, right? It has been a long day—I just finished writing a 22-page paper for one of my midterms. However, now that it is over, I get to relax! One of my favorite things to do while I am relaxing is to watch Netflix or Hulu. Hulu is currently streaming “Bones”, which is an old favorite of mine. For those of you who don’t know, “Bones” is a T.V. series about a forensic anthropologist who fights crime with her FBI partner. I always love re-watching it!

Aside from watching TV, I also enjoy hammocking here on campus. A couple of nights ago, I went hammocking with a friend of mine. The fall colors are currently gorgeous in Athens and the temperatures in the daytime are just right to hammock. We sat and read books, and I may have taken a nap while I was reading! However, both reading and napping are great ways to relax!


The last thing I do to relax is some self-care. I take some time to listen to some of my favorite old music, give myself a manicure, or seriously stretch out my stiff muscles.

After reading this post, why don’t you do the same? Put on some music, dance around your room, stretch out your muscles, go for a walk or to hammock, go back home and take a quick nap while reading or watching TV. Then wake up and get back in the race!

Good luck on any other exams you have coming up, and don’t forget to relax a little bit in between studying and work!

Thank You Video Project

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 27 April 2020

As you are aware things have really switched gears due to the novel coronavirus. Within a blink of an eye, life as a college student quickly changed. Announcements were released and within a week of spring break we transitioned online. Many events have been canceled or postponed until further notice.

As an ambassador, one of our favorite events to attend is the awards ceremony for the faculty and staff. Unfortunately, like many other events, this one has been postponed. Attention shifted to the students in attempt to give them the best education possible as well as give the graduating students a sense of normalcy.

Classes moved online, exams are wrapping up, and hundreds of students are about to graduate. This was only possible due to the drive and passion of the faculty and staff of the Russ College and Ohio University as a whole. In trying times like these it is vital to work as a team, and they did just that. We wanted to take a moment to recognize the people that made all of this possible.

Dr. Masel and I worked together to organize a video that included nearly all the
ambassadors. With enthusiasm and excitement, each member participated in a line in the script below and we all had the opportunity to say thank you to the ones that made everything possible.

I encourage you to read through the transcript below to understand how thankful we are for the faculty and staff as well as watch the video! We would love for you to continue to share the video as we are very thankful and want to give them the recognition they deserve. Thank you all for all of your hard work!


“It’s been a really unusual semester for everyone in the Russ College as faculty and students have worked together to make a huge transition. A lot of attention has been given to the students, but today we would like to give a shout out to all of the faculty and staff for their hard work and perseverance. We know it hasn’t been easy for anyone during this time. Students found out we wouldn’t be returning to class. You found out that you only had a few days to re-plan half of a semester. You all have made it work.

We would like to take some time to express our appreciation of all our faculty and staff. You have made a full commitment to ensure that we still get the higher education we set out to achieve. You all made a sudden transition to move to remote classes. We understand that being at home for you can be just as big of a challenge. Instead of talking in front of a class, you now talk into a camera. While attempting to pre-record lectures, we understand children and dogs may be running around in the background. Perhaps you have re-recorded a lecture 2 or 3 times because it didn’t sound right. As engineering professors, some of you have had even bigger challenges. How in the world am I going to give my students the hands-on lab assignment we do on a weekly basis?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way and you all proved that. Advising week approached and without hesitation advising sessions were held virtually so we could see each other and take a minute to catch up with our advisors. Our faculty and staff are the ingredients to the recipe of success the Russ College had when transitioning to the online classes. Despite the pandemic, you all are about to graduate hundreds of Russ College Undergrads. On behalf of the Engineering Ambassadors and the entire Russ College student body, THANK YOU!

CS Senior Design Project

Lydia Shiffler

Lydia Shiffler,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 24 April 2020

For Computer Science, you are enrolled in a senior design class your senior year. You are put into a group of four students and are tasked with completing a yearlong project.

My group wanted to come up with a way for students to know if a study room was available or not in real time. We decided to put two thermal sensors in a study room and create a web and mobile application. Students would be able to to go on and pick any building and then they would see which rooms were available.

This was a very cool project for me because not only did it give me hands on experience with hardware and software, but it was an idea that I have thought about throughout my four years here. I wanted to give the students a convenient way to find places to study/focus in a quiet environment.

With the university classes changing to online and everyone in the group going their separate ways, it was difficult to stay on track and finish this project. We worked through Microsoft teams and luckily someone had the sensors so we could keep working.

We ended up completing this project and although we are not able to physically install them in study rooms, we have hopes that our professor will continue this project and help to have sensors in all the study rooms.

This project was a great way to take all my skills throughout my four years at this university and put them all together to create something great. I am looking forward to taking my group project skills to the real world when I start my job at Microsoft this upcoming September.

Making a Decision about Grad School

Alexis Lanier

Alexis Lanier,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 19 April 2020

A little over a month ago, when life was still normal, I got to go visit a few graduate schools to try and help me decide where I wanted to go to get my PhD.

The first university I visited was University of Utah in Salt Lake City. While I was there, I got to tour several labs, go snow tubing, and was provided with lots of free food (always a huge perk in my book) with about twenty other prospective students.

Snow Tubing in Utah

It was my first-time snow tubing so that was an incredibly fun experience and I got to make lots of new friends with the current and prospective students.

In the two weeks following, I also visited the Ohio State University and Colorado School of Mines which were both great visits filled with more fun activities. The best part was my oldest sister is a post-doc at CSoM, so I got to stay with her and catch up on some much-needed sister time.


After months of worrying about where I would be living and what I would be doing after summer, I finally had heard back from all the schools I applied to and got to make my final decision. The decision was in no way an easy one as it was one of the biggest decisions I had made in my life thus far.

That being said, I will be attending the University of Utah to pursue a PhD in mechanical engineering starting this August. My research will be on lower limb robotic prosthetics and exoskeletons, so I will get to combine my passion for robotics with my passion for helping people. While it is so sad to move on from all the great times I had in undergrad and all the amazing people I have met, I am beyond excited to start this next stage in my life and see where life takes me.