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Final Thoughts on College

Annye Driscoll

Annye Driscoll,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 4 June 2012 – Well, it feels like my “big girl life” is starting to be actually real. I have one more project, three more exams, and one more blog post to write, and then I will have graduated with my computer science degree. It’s taken what feels like an incredibly long time (even though it’s only been three years since I started it!), and holy cow it’s taken a lot of work, but I am proud to be almost done and I know my parents and family are, too. My cats are currently at their summer home (they’re living in my aunt’s garage until Zeke and I find a house), my house is about halfway packed up, my school binder is cleaned out, and my room at my dad’s house is clean and set up to keep the two of us (plus the puppy!) for a couple months.

The changes aren’t just in my degree and living situation. Last night my boyfriend of three-ish years, whom I met in French class here at OU and who will be finishing his masters degree in sociology this summer, proposed to me on the steps of the ARC (one of the engineering buildings). It’s funny that he chose there to do it (although I don’t think he really chose it at all–he said he was just tired of waiting!); all the hours and hours of class, homework, and coding that I’ve done in that building will be supporting our new little family (us and the pets!) as we move to Dayton, buy a house, plan a wedding, and start being adults. Scary!

I don’t really have any big lessons I’ve learned that I can give people entering college, except to just live your lives like you always have, and try not to get into too much trouble. Be nice, work hard, and have fun. College is the perfect place to make new friends and learn how to live in the real world, but it’s also really easy to get behind in schoolwork or to get into trouble for doing something stupid – so try not to do it! Other than that…college is awesome, the Russ College is awesome, and Athens is amazing. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time, just like I did!

Post-graduation Plans

Evan Teske

Evan Teske, Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 22 May 2012

Beginning winter quarter last year (my junior year), I took an entire year off from school to work an internship for Abbott Nutrition in Columbus, Ohio. It was a hard decision, as I knew I would be leaving behind many friends to graduate without me, and I felt at the time that I’d be on my own in a new city to make what I could of a job and to be successful.

After a couple months of interning, I was happy with my decision—the experience I was having was incomparable to anything I had ever done. I was learning what an engineer does day to day, and I was interested and enthusiastic about the projects I was working on and the people I was working with.

When I started, I knew I would put forth my best effort to succeed at the work I was given, and as my time there went on, I began to see results of my efforts. When it came time to time to interview for a permanent position with the company, I felt pride in my experience at OU in combination with the professional experience that my internship offered.

Beginning in July, I will start my first job out of school working for Abbott Laboratories in Chicago. The job I accepted is a position in their Manufacturing Professional Development Program, which is a two-year program for college graduates, working four six-month rotations in different positions in different divisions’ supply chains ranging from project-specific engineering roles to supervisory positions. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity, and I am glad I had the encouragement and support to make the decision to leave and co-op last year, or else I’m not sure if I’d be in the same position today.

Group Projects

Jessica Borer

Jessica Borer,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 16 May 2012

I am currently taking a computer science class and we were recently assigned a group project. A lot of teachers are starting to do this in a lot of classes because after college, you know in the ‘real world’ most projects are completed by teams. We didn’t get to pick our teams so I worked with three people I had never met before and it was quite an interesting experience.

The first time we met (at one of the awesome group project rooms in the new engineering building) one guy had already started the project and had quite a bit done without consulting the rest of us. I thought this was cool, less work for the rest of us. Then as the week progressed the same guy would work with us less and less and eventually tried to delete our files of the project so he could complete it all by himself. The sad truth is that you’ll encounter someone like this out of school as well. He wasn’t trying to be a jerk but just wanted to finish the project so bad he forgot it was a team project.

This is exactly why teachers are assigning more team projects now, so we can become familiar with how a team works. Also, so we can see how we work in a team and see if we need to change a few things before we show up to a job and get thrown into a team project.

Theta Tau’s New house

Devin Liskey

Devin Liskey, Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 16 May 2012

Ohio University’s chapter of Theta Tau, Rho Beta, just bought its first house. It has been several years in the works but we finally have one. Below is a picture of our chapter in front of the garage after we held our first chapter meeting at the house.

The house is at 34 Shafer Street, which is close to West Green and Stocker/ARC.

To save on clean up and repair costs we have had two work days at the house to remove wallpaper, appliances, and any other messes. This week our Housing Committee Alumni are coming down to inspect the house and make more decisions on how to fix up the place. We will also be holding a cookout and a classy yard party to christen the house.

The house will only be available for rent to Theta Tau members. This palatial abode is just one more reason to join the oldest engineering organization, in addition to a wide network of engineers that spans all majors.

OU, Oh Yeah

Jessica Borer

Jessica Borer,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 16 May 2012

So just about everyone knows that Ohio University is ranked the number one party school in the nation, but I feel like people blow that ranking way out of proportion. Yes we have one of the largest/greatest Halloween parties every year and yes we have a fest season that can get out of control every now and then, but that’s not all as it seems.

The ironic thing is that the fact that we are ranked number one makes people want to prove it. It makes people visiting the campus think they can do whatever they want because it’s ‘just a party school’. My freshman year during the infamous Palmerfest, that weekend there were some 110 arrests. What most people don’t know is that the majority of them (about 100) weren’t even from Ohio University. A large number were from Ohio State University or other universities and were just visiting for the weekend.

Again, yes we do have some pretty famous parties that do get a tad out of hand now and then but those are just two weekends out of the year, and mostly due to out-of-towners. In the end we’re like any other college when it comes to partying. The point is that partying is some people’s only reason for choosing Ohio University and I can tell you right now that if that’s why you’re coming here you won’t last a year. There are many reasons to choose Ohio University, the academics, the campus, the atmosphere, and so many more. So choose Ohio University but don’t just expect a party school.