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Advanced Aircraft and Powerplants

Jocelyn Evert

Jocelyn Evert,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 15 November 2020

For many classes this semester, professors have decided that for our finals we will write papers and do projects instead of taking exams. I believe that this is a really good idea because it allows teachers to test how much you actually know about the subject you have spent the semester learning about. This will truly benefit everyone who is not good at taking tests.

Since I am an aviation major, I will talk about my final project for my Advanced Aircraft and Powerplants course. This project requires groupwork and trust me, I know that groupwork can be a little stressful at times. For those of you that are working in a group on a project right now, keep going! You’ve got this! However, despite the stigma against group work, my group is functioning extremely well.

The goal of this semester’s project is to create a presentation that will improve the course for upcoming years. This gives us a lot of leeway to decide what to do with our final project. Ultimately, we have decided to work on improving the part of our course that involves generators.

We are still working on the specifics of the project, but we still have time to get it done. We have divided up parts of the project and at the end of the semester, we will all come together to combine our parts to make an amazing final presentation! I am looking forward to seeing our completed project!

Taking a Break After Midterms

Jocelyn Evert

Jocelyn Evert,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 19 October 2020

Hey everyone! Wow online midterms are rough, right? It has been a long day—I just finished writing a 22-page paper for one of my midterms. However, now that it is over, I get to relax! One of my favorite things to do while I am relaxing is to watch Netflix or Hulu. Hulu is currently streaming “Bones”, which is an old favorite of mine. For those of you who don’t know, “Bones” is a T.V. series about a forensic anthropologist who fights crime with her FBI partner. I always love re-watching it!

Aside from watching TV, I also enjoy hammocking here on campus. A couple of nights ago, I went hammocking with a friend of mine. The fall colors are currently gorgeous in Athens and the temperatures in the daytime are just right to hammock. We sat and read books, and I may have taken a nap while I was reading! However, both reading and napping are great ways to relax!


The last thing I do to relax is some self-care. I take some time to listen to some of my favorite old music, give myself a manicure, or seriously stretch out my stiff muscles.

After reading this post, why don’t you do the same? Put on some music, dance around your room, stretch out your muscles, go for a walk or to hammock, go back home and take a quick nap while reading or watching TV. Then wake up and get back in the race!

Good luck on any other exams you have coming up, and don’t forget to relax a little bit in between studying and work!

Working as a Virtual RA

Jocelyn Evert

Jocelyn Evert,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 25 September 2020

Today I’m going to talk about a new job I started working this semester. This is my first year working as an RA, and it is in a virtual environment. In order to serve the first- and second-year students who are living off campus during the fall semester, Housing and Residence Life decided to employ RAs to make virtual connections with OU students who are missing the on-campus experience.

I will be the first to admit, it is a little strange interacting with my residents online, not seeing them face–to face, or even living in the same space they are. However, all my residents are juggling their commitments admirably! Many of them are working, many are at home, and many have pets they are excited to show off, and I love seeing them all. Speaking of pets, you can see my new Betta Fish named Arthur in the picture. He is waving his fins to say hi!


Aside from my residents, my fellow Resident Advisors are all marvelous people. We all have really bonded this year. My supervisors are also top-notch. I do not have enough room to say as many good things about the people around me as I want to.

I think my favorite part of being an RA is meeting new people and learning about my residents. Everyone has a new viewpoint that I can learn from. This can be anything from a specific point in their major, to ending racism in our country. #BlackLivesMatter!

Yes, every job has its share of difficulties, but at this point, I think I’ve got it all figured out. I am truly happy that I have joined this elite group of people and I foresee smooth sailing for the rest of the semester. I hope that you have your semester figured out as well and are enjoying your studies!

Flying Safely in a Pandemic

Tim Napoli

Tim Napoli,
Senior, Aviation

Athens, OH 17 September 2020

This summer I remained at home in Texas for most of the duration of the quarantine. I waited patiently to receive the email stating that we (Aviation students) were able to go back to fly. Being in my last year, wanted to get back to fly so I could graduate on time. On July 10th, I received the email that I was waiting for. I was given the “OK” to return to campus for flying. To me that meant everything because it had been months since I had last flown.

Upon returning, I had to self-quarantine for two weeks since I was coming from out-of-state. I was willing to go the extra mile just to be able to go back to flying. Those two weeks alone were rough, but I got to catch up shows that I had been watching. So, to me that was a plus.

Our department handled it well in my opinion. Masks are required, planes and simulators must be wiped down before and after every use, and hands must be washed and sanitized after entering the training facility and before/after flying.

Now that the semester is going, I have found many things to do to keep me entertained. I joined the Athens Country Club to be able to golf, I listen to music, I go on hikes with my relatives here in Ohio, all sorts of things to keep my mind off the pandemic.

It has been a struggle since the beginning, but I am pushing through it and I hope you are all too. Stay safe!

Simulation for Airline Operations Course

Tim Napoli

Tim Napoli,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 13 April 2020

A class project that I am a part of this semester is our Airline Operations course simulation. Throughout the whole semester, we are given a task of creating an airline on an online simulator.

We are in charge of marketing, airfare, what planes and gates to buy/lease, and what routes to fly. This all helps us as pilot to understand daily operations of an airline and why goes on behind the scenes. Since we do a lot of flying, it is awesome to see things from a different perspective. This simulation even helps me to realize why airline tickets are so volatile. It could be $100 one day and $500 the next.

This project is something I actually have enjoyed being a part of and one of my favorites by far. It allows for creativity and managerial skills. I definitely give props to those who are in charge of buying/selling aircraft and putting them on routes to make the most money. That’s a lot of hard work and I could never do that in real life. This is why I chose to fly the plane and not manage it.

As I said before, this is probably one of my most favorite projects from all of college and would definitely participate in it again if it was available. I am pleased to have a new-found knowledge in airline management and look forward to possibly using it someday in the real world.