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A Class about Fairytales

Jason Wherry

Jason Wherry,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 20 February 2019

I am enrolled in ENG 3080J, Writing and Rhetoric II, this semester and it has been a well-timed refresh button on coursework. In this class we analyze both classic fairytales and modern retellings of fairytales. Commonly, we write about them, and ask ourselves questions like “What does this fairytale mean in a modern setting?”.

This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it is for a Computer Science major like myself because our major does not require us to write many papers and express our interpretation of a text. I get to formulate opinions and communicate my ideas through class discussions which are vastly different from most of my CS classes. In other words, I am absolutely psyched that I chose this class to fill my Junior composition credit.

Some of the authors that I have enjoyed so far include Charles Perrault, Brothers Grimm, and Michael Cunningham. Perrault is responsible for some of my favorite works such as “Blue Beard” and “Little Red Riding Hood”. Reading these fairytales has retaught me to read for fun and enjoy the genre of fantasy. It had been a long time—since the Harry Potter days, to be exact—that I sat down to read a piece of text that did not explain a concept in which I had to learn and apply in order to accomplish a task.

On the flip side, now that I allocate time to read for fun, I am more focused when I read articles and textbooks for classes. If you ever feel stuck in your major-required classes, take a moment to research other classes outside your major that intrigue you to freshen up your studies and learn something new.

Parks in Winter

Wesley Book

Wesley Book,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 2 February 2019

One of the things I love about winter in Athens is the scenery surrounding campus. When the snow is falling, or has fallen, all the rolling hills that create this beautiful area look even more beautiful.

I love the outdoors, especially hiking, and there are a few parks around Athens that present a handful of trails that contain some picture-perfect views. Hocking Hills State Park isn’t too far away from campus, and holds some of the most beautiful hilltops when the snow first falls.

Zaleski State Forest is closer than Hocking Hills, and is just as beautiful. Since all the leaves have fallen, the best thing about Zaleski during winter is that you can see from ridge to ridge, giving you the opportunity to capture the rolling hills point of view.

Another state park near Athens is Burr Oak State Park. This park is just as beautiful as the others, except it comes with a lake. Since temperatures have been extremely cold and have stayed cold, the lake freezes over and the snow lays on top of the lake, creating a beautiful picture. We were even able to do some ice fishing along the way.

Annual Skiing Trip

Jason Wherry

Jason Wherry,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 11 December 2018

Next Tuesday, a week from today, I will be traveling to Jay, Vermont with a group of my friends where we will explore the trails of Jay Peak. This is our fourth skiing trip as a group, and personally, my third time visiting Jay Peak.

The anticipation has been immense during the last stretch of the fall semester at Ohio University. In other words, I have been waiting to reclaim the fresh air, gorgeous sights, and radical slopes after a long week of final exams.

I look forward to this trip exponentially due to the memories of previous trips up North, and my love for the snow-covered glades. This passion of mine took hold whilst skiing for the first time on a local mountain, Bear Creek, in Eastern Pennsylvania.

Once I starting attending college and had limited time for such activities, I realized how much I love the sport. The environment on the mountain is unique: laid-back, yet thrilling. This time of year is full of adventure and the inner-nomad in me is elated.

Catching up with old friends is necessary and there is no better time than during this six day excursion. The atmosphere is joy-filled and conversation never stops as we all played Ultimate Frisbee (another passion of mine) together in high school and have been good friends for some time.

If you do not ski or snowboard yet, I highly recommend trying it because gliding through the woods and shredding down the turns of a mountain transports me to cloud nine. If you did not already figure out that I am an adrenaline junkie, take a look at a few pictures I have taken with my GoPro camera.

Me at the summit of Jay Peak:

Summit of Jay Peak

An action shot of me traversing through some glades

Going Downhill

Computer Science Senior Design

Wesley Book

Wesley Book,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 4 December 2018

As a computer science major, you will spend the last two semesters in a class titled Software Development I and II. In this class, you will get real hands on experience working with a client and designing and developing an application.

For my project, we selected a client based here in Athens. The client wanted a web-based application that could be used as a linking tool to connect professors and grad students with students in the local school district. This application was especially useful for me because of the technologies that we chose to use.

The technologies that we decided on are hot topics in the computer science industry. This application was more of a chat feature, where students could post the projects they were currently working on, and be linked with a expert in the field their project is associated with. Then, the student could ask questions, and gain valuable knowledge from the expert.

Of course this class is a load of fun to me, but has also gave me more hands-on experience, and has shown me exactly how the real-world will function. From working in a team, to contacting a real client, to the design, development, testing, and deployment phases, I really enjoyed this pair of classes.

Fall in Athens

Jason Wherry

Jason Wherry,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 4 November 2018

Fall Semester is my favorite time to be in Athens for endless reasons. To name a few in particular, Homecoming weekend and Halloween weekend have always been memorable. Alumni trek back to their old stomping ground for the parade and the football game during Homecoming weekend. Similarly, people flood the streets of Athens for Halloween weekend as the city population triples for two days.

Located in the Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau, Athens does not disappoint when it comes to the beauty of changing seasons. Vibrant leaves fill the sky with color before they participate in their annual autumn leaf drop.

As these natural changes take place, it reminds me of another phenomenon of the Fall semester; the growth, intellectually and socially, of the first-semester Freshmen. Starting with Welcome weekend in late August, I observe the first-year students develop a sense of who they are and what they want to accomplish as they embark on their journey at Ohio University.

For most college students, this is the biggest lifestyle transition they have ever experienced. Furthermore, living on your own and being responsible for making all of your decisions shows one’s true colors. Personally, Athens has been a great environment for me to learn, grow, and explore as a student.

Autumn on Court Street

Above is a photo I took on Court Street outside of Baker Center that is just a sampling of the stunning Fall views in Athens. Many more gorgeous sights can be seen whilst hiking Strouds Run State Park or Radar Hill (two common hiking destinations of mine).

Learning Web Design

Wesley Book

Wesley Book,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 8 October 2018

This fall semester I am enrolled in Basic Web Design (VICO-2561). Although this is a website design class, this course is not part of the Computer Science curriculum. Covering key concepts like user interfaces and user experiences, this class has become especially interesting to me, and has already shown what value its content will bring.

As a Computer Science major, I have grown accustomed to using programming languages to create a website, however, this is not the case in this class. Instead, we are using software tools, like WordPress, to help us create our websites. In addition to the creation process, we are studying some core concepts of the web design process, like web typography, wireframes, page layout, navigation, and personas, to help better the website development process.

The concepts we are studying in this class have also become useful in other classes I am currently enrolled in. I have been able to apply some design techniques, like creating sitemaps, to help along our senior design project me and three other of my colleagues are currently working on. To be able to utilize material we are covering in this class makes the class much more valuable and interesting.

Ohio Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team

Jason Wherry

Jason Wherry,
Junior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 30 September 2018

This semester I am one of the Captains for Ohio Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team. The Ultimate Frisbee Team consists of a group of guys that practice, travel, and compete in tournaments together. As a captain of the team, my role is to guide the team to victory on the field and look out for the guys off the field. We are much more than a team; a family if you may.

I joined the club sport when I was a freshman and it was the best decision I made my entire freshman year. My next decision was made shortly after I attended the first practice: I am going to get involved in this student-run organization. As sophomore year came and went, I was still playing Ultimate with the team; however, I wanted the organization to grow so I decided to run for captain heading into my Junior year. Now, five weeks of the Fall Semester at Ohio University have passed, and the team has embarked on our journey to Nationals.

Nationals is the highest level of competition you can play at within College Ultimate. It is run by USAU (USA Ultimate) since 1984. Additionally, in 2017, Nationals was live on ESPNU for the first time which was huge for the sport of Ultimate.

Growing up with both of my parents playing ultimate, I have always wanted to breed the sport, as they did with me. I am extremely excited to continue to spread the game of Ultimate and captain Ohio Men’s Ultimate Team.

Ohio Men's Ultimate Frisbee Team

Ohio Men’s Ultimate is open to any Ohio University students. Above is a team photo after the first day of the Sectionals tournament last Spring (I am leftmost in the first row—I bleached my hair for this tournament).