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Learning the Guitar

Mollie Whitacre

Mollie Whitacre,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 1 December 2017

My family lives in a pretty centralized area, except for my aunt and uncle who happen to live in Texas. I very rarely get to see them, so where an opportunity arrives, I have to be sure to take it. Just to my luck, they took a trip back to Ohio to see the family before the holidays! I was able to go home for the weekend and have a great gathering with them.

The coolest part about this whole trip is that I recently just started learning guitar and my uncle is a wizard on the six string. I can play the basic chords and such, but when my uncle pulled out my guitar and started playing all sorts of songs, it was hard to be anything else but amazed!

I took in every second of being able to learn subtle movements or finger placements to make chords easier, and also, he was telling me some of the best ways to learn. He was also sharing to me about the guitars he has. I was just amazed at how talented he was and that I never knew this information about him, even when all of the times we have seen each other.

I am looking forward to being able to see him next time and hopefully impress him with getting better at the guitar.

App Development

Jordan Osman

Jordan Osman,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 27 November 2017

A project I’m working on this semester is an application for impromptu pickup
sports games called PickUp. I really enjoy working on the application with people in my class and it’s a great hands-on experience.

Right now, we’re coding in java using the IDE Android Studio. It’s a lot of work, but it pays off to get practical experience before I enter the job market with my degree in the spring.

Honestly, the best part about working on something like an app for a school project is all the real-world experience that you get while working on it. There are a lot of little things in the working world that require a specific way of doing it and there are old standards in many industries that people adhere to. My app development course exposes me to all of these things so I’m less stressed about going into the industry after I graduate; something I’m sure many
students are stressed about as well.

Of course this can be a lot, so when I get overwhelmed, a quiet place I like to go to is the top of the hill near the arc that overlooks basically the whole campus. It has a place to sit and its always nice to see the nature that Athens as a whole has to offer. Sometime we can get caught up in our own agendas but its nice to find a quiet place and appreciate being alive and able to live.

CS Senior Design: Hearty Software

Mollie Whitacre

Mollie Whitacre,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 29 October 2017

Every student who goes graduates with an engineering degree from Ohio University will go through a class called senior design. It is designed around the idea of giving students real-life experience before they graduate. For computer science majors, we are given mainly software projects presented by external clients.

I am in a group with four other people and our team name is Hearty Software. We were given the option to choose between different projects that were presented to us and we thought that the project named Healthy Heart Score sounded the
most interesting.

The Healthy Heart Score is an assessment designed in Harvard that is used to calculate your risk for Cardiovascular disease. Our job is to take this web application and convert it to an Android and iOS application.

Since this class goes for the entire year, we are still in the beginning phases
of this project. I am enjoying how we get to collaborate on a project with outside clients and how real this project seems compared to week long assignments given in class.

Senior design’s class structure is built around how a software business would be in the real world, which I think is unique from any other class. Once the end of the school year comes, we hope to have a working iOS and Android application that our client is happy with!

A New-Found Passion

Gyasi Calhoun

Gyasi Calhoun,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 23 October 2017

As a computer science major, it is almost necessary, and expected to code outside of work and or school. I feel that as a computer science major, we have the ability to create whatever we want with the ease of opening a computer screen, and this can come as an advantage and disadvantage. However, I decided to step outside the norm, and try vlogging as my new hobby, and coding outside the classroom has taken a back seat.

The reason behind my new hobby, and passion is a one-time (and still kind of present) dream of being an actor. I also love talking, film production, and being an inspiration to someone out there looking for some inspiration, so I figured all these characteristics of what I enjoy fall under the YouTube-Vlogger-Life umbrella.

I’ve found that I really enjoy this form of art, and creativity. You never really know what you like and how passionate you are if at all about something until you try it for 30 days.

To be honest I didn’t really go into this new-found hobby with many expectations, and goals besides putting content out there for people to watch. However, I learned that vlogging takes a lot of work and time, but there is this amazing feeling of accomplishment I get whenever I upload a vlog, no matter how many people decide to view it or not.

What I’m trying to say is, no matter your major or job you have to do something in life that you would do for no money, and if no one else cared or liked it besides you.

Physics and Open Mic

Jordan Osman

Jordan Osman,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 22 October 2017

An interesting non-engineering class that I have decided to take this semester is physics. It has really taught me to view our world in a different perspective and I believe that perspective is really the best thing one can take from a class.

Moreover, it’s nice to take a class that offers a crash course in technical writing. Although you do go over it in in the engineering classes we
take here, you never really get the chance to actually test and make sure if you have good technical writing skills, and my physics class is a helpful check for that.

Away from classes, I do do weekly open mics with a group of kids, and that’s a lot of fun. Last week I played with my friend Elli at the front room coffee shop and it was packed. The crowd was great and it’s always nice to be able to show something you’ve spent a lot of time refining and tweaking. I plan on continuing to do that with my group of open-mic friends all over Athens.

I’m really looking forward to Dads Weekend because of all the dads we ended up meeting through athletic events here on campus. My roommates and I plan on having a Dads Weekend cookout and inviting all the dads. It should be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to it.

Ohio Soccer Alumni Weekend

Mollie Whitacre

Mollie Whitacre,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 25 September 2017

This past weekend was Alumni Weekend for all of the Ohio Women’s Soccer Alumni. The weekend consisted of two games from the current team and they were opening up their Mid-American Conference play, as well as getting to catch up with the alumni. I consider myself an Ohio Soccer Alumna because I no longer play on the team due to exhausted eligibility, but I am yet to graduate college.

Friday was the start to the weekend and that is when the first conference game was played. They took on Eastern Michigan on their home turf. Recently for our program, it has been difficult to beat both Eastern Michigan and Central Michigan, the opponent they played on Sunday.

On Friday, there was 36 seconds left in the match with Ohio tailing 1-0, when they scored and made it 1-1! The crowd erupted because now they got a chance to win in overtime. Well, overtime did not last long due to an Ohio goal by my roommate about thirty seconds in! Once, again the crowd erupted, except this time the game was over.

Sunday’s game was where they honored the alumni, so the crowd was larger than Friday. There was a special ceremony at halftime to honor the past players and coaches who were in attendance. The team ended on a high note this weekend with dominating Central Michigan 3-0. It was a very cool weekend to experience, both as a soccer alumna and also still a part of the team.

This is also the first time in a while that the program has started off with two wins! I am very excited to keep watching their progress as the season continues.

CS Life

Jordan Osman

Jordan Osman,
Senior, Computer Science

Athens, OH 25 September 2017

Over the summer I ended up taking a probability and statistics course and linear
algebra course. It was my second summer at OU, so I was pretty excited to utilize the rock climbing wall since there would never be a wait. I also hiked often and really got to know Athens and places near Athens without the massive influx of people.

Related to engineering, I ended up going through a couple of phone screenings and a technical interview and eventually offered a job when I graduate in 2018.

Other than that I have been enjoying learning more about graphics and hardware performance and have been seeing my professors over the summer if I had any questions.

Something new that I’ve been doing this semester is regularly scheduled activities like basketball, strikers, board games, and other activities with my friends weekly which has been a lot of fun.

Another activity I have been getting involved in is attending the Ohio Women’s soccer games with my friends which has probably been one of my favorite things to ever partake in at OU. My roommate and I also occasionally attend the field hockey games as well which is also a fun time.