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2019 Welcome Weekend for First-Year Students

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 28 August 2019

This past weekend, the Russ College welcomed the incoming freshman engineering students through presentations done by the Ambassadors followed by an ice cream social. This event is always one of my favorites during the school year because it’s so exciting to meet the new students and see their excitement to start college.

This event took place on Saturday afternoon of welcome weekend as incoming engineering students came to the ARC and filtered into classrooms based on their major. The purpose of the major-specific presentations was to get students familiar with each other and acquainted with the engineering college; most importantly, it was a great opportunity for students to ask any questions they had and get a current student’s perspective.

Following the presentations, an ice cream social took place on the front lawn of Stocker. At the ice cream social, students had the opportunity to talk to other students, ambassadors, and faculty. As this was a more informal setting, students felt more comfortable speaking with each other and asking questions they didn’t ask at the presentation. I had a few students approach me afterwards with questions regarding classes and the engineering program that sparked great conversations.

Overall, I thought the welcome weekend activities were a success; I felt like after the events on Saturday, incoming students felt more prepared and excited for the semester.

Russ College Faculty and Staff Awards

Lydia Seiter

Lydia Seiter,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 26 April 2019

The Engineering Ambassadors were fortunate to be invited to tonight’s Russ College Award Celebration! This event was held to honor outstanding faculty and staff. In attendance were the Russ College faculty and staff, the Russ College Board of Visitors, the President and Provost of Ohio University, and the Engineering Ambassadors.

The evening started out with some appetizers and hors d’oeuvres while we attendees mingled. I saw some familiar faces, including professors that I’ve had in the past, and professors I currently have this semester. I also was able to meet some professors from different departments who I’ve never had in class before, like Dr. Kremer.

During dinner, Dr. Kremer was seated at my dinner table, and told fellow Ambassadors Jelena, Quinn, Tanner and me all about his renewable energy efforts at his home, where he gets energy from solar and wind. Sustainability is very important to me, so it was awesome to hear his insights about the choices he makes to better the environment.

The awards ceremony was fantastic. Russ College professors are constantly doing things to help us students—like mentoring us in undergraduate research labs, offering professional advice, providing us with valuable networking connections, holding extra office hours around midterms, and critiquing resumes and cover letters. For this reason, it was wonderful to see them be recognized for the extra miles they go for students.

This celebration was a wonderful way to connect with new and old professors and friends, as well as to take our minds off upcoming finals. It was a really special occasion, and I look forward to attending again next year!

Meeting the Dean Candidates

Alvin Chaney

Alvin Chaney,
Junior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 25 March 2019

During the week of February 25-March 1, the Engineering Ambassadors met with the four final candidates for the Dean of the Russ College of Engineering and Technology. These events were reminiscent of our lunches with Dean Irwin.

This series of candidate lunches served as a preview of our lunch with the future Dean. Throughout the lunches, we gained a unique view into each candidate’s life over slices of pizza. Any dialogue over a meal is always more personable and interactive.

Given that we all had different schedules, we were assigned to the lunch or to tour the candidates around Stocker and the Academic and Research Center. As a group, we all asked the candidates questions that pertained to their interests and goals set for Russ College in general. From approachability to diversity, each candidate exemplified important attributes necessary for a Dean.

Overall, it was an honor to speak and share a meal with the candidates. Congratulations to our new Dean of the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, Dr. Mei Wei.

Reception for Dean Irwin

Julia Nebbia

Julia Nebbia,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 19 March 2019

Yesterday, the Russ College of Engineering and Technology hosted a reception for our retiring Dean, Dr. Dennis Irwin. It was a beautiful evening in Athens, Ohio and guests gathered at Baker Ballroom for the event.

A few ambassadors were asked to help out with the event. Our job consisted of welcoming guests into the ballroom and helping them find their personal name tags. We were also encouraged to eat, socialize, and enjoy the event.

A buffet and cash bar welcomed guests as they came into the room. There were tables for mingling and networking. The event was centered on Dean Irwin and his legacy at Ohio University. It was meant to bring together alumni, current faculty and staff, and students to thank Dean Irwin and wish him best of luck in his future.

Altogether, it was a very rewarding evening and the ambassadors were able to represent the students of the Russ College while also celebrating our Dean.

Ambassador Dinner at Jackie O’s

Alvin Chaney

Alvin Chaney,
Junior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 26 February 2019

The Engineering Ambassadors had an opportunity to get to know each other a little better last Thursday. Veronica suggested that we meet at the local Jackie O’s Brewpub and Restaurant for dinner.

Jackie O’s Brewpub and Restaurant is exactly what it sounds like—part brewery, part bar, and part restaurant (it is located across from Buffalo Wild Wings, if you want to try it out as well). Highly recommended by my fellow classmates, Jackie O’s is a great place to eat and mingle!

With this opportunity, I had a chance to explore a new place to eat as well as learn about my fellow ambassadors. Everyone seemed to genuinely enjoy being around each other. Tanner, Mia and I discussed future plans and current organizations. For example, Tanner talked about the Human Powered Vehicle Competition, Mia spoke about interesting sights she had seen while in New Mexico and I shared my future plans after graduation.

After spending time with one another, I discovered how uniquely different yet strikingly similar we are on various topics. Overall, I had a great time sharing a good meal and a good conversation with my fellow Ambassadors.

Future City Regional Competition

Veronica Ammer

Veronica Ammer,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 16 January 2019

The Engineering Ambassadors once again participated as judges for the Future City Regional Competition in Columbus, Ohio last Saturday. The Future City competition inspires middle-school students to come up with feasible and creative designs for a city of the future. They develop skills such as engineering problem-solving, public speaking, time management and many more.

The competitors had to write an essay, build their city on Sim City and then present a model of their city to a panel of judges. In addition, each year the competitors are given a special criterion that their city must meet. Last year, they were tasked with making their future city age-friendly with special consideration for their elderly population. This year, natural disasters were the focus, so the competitors had to design cities that could keep their citizens safe during catastrophes from hurricanes to volcanoes.

The 3D models of the future cities were inventive and impressive. A significant portion of the model had to be made from recycled materials, so plastic water bottles were seen to make excellent sky scrapers. Additionally, the models had to have a moving part. Some cities had spinning windmills while other cities made cars moving along magnetic tracks.

The dedication of the competitors to their Future City projects made judging the competition that much more enjoyable. This was seen through the informative and humorous presentations, and the well thought-out answers to the judges’ questions at the end of the presentations.

Overall, the Future City competition is excellent at teaching kids about engineering and inspiring students to consider the field and the Engineering Ambassadors were honored to be a part of it.

Bingo Night at Lindley Inn

Jelena Mrvos

Jelena Mrvos,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 12 November 2018

Last week, a couple of ambassadors and I went to the Lindley Inn Assisted Living Home to play bingo! Residents there play bingo three times a week, so every once in a while the ambassadors will come play along with them. Julia, Quinn, and I spent about an hour there, and the time flew right by! I never expected to have as much fun playing bingo as I did last night.

All of the residents were so excited it was bingo night. Multiple people told me it’s their favorite type of game night that Lindley organizes. We all sat around at a big table, and each person got two bingo boards. Quinn called the numbers, while Julia and I played alongside the residents. As numbers on our cards were called, we put marbles over each square to keep track of our points.

My favorite part of the evening was getting to know a few of the residents, and I spent a majority of the night talking with a woman named Marianne. She was the life of the party that night! Whether she was reminding a fellow ambassador how to properly call the bingo numbers, or checking her friends’ boards to make sure they didn’t miss anything that was called, Marianne’s spunk kept things interesting!

All three of us had a great time that night, and we are already looking forward to another trip back to Lindley Inn!