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Future City Regional Competition

Veronica Ammer

Veronica Ammer,
Junior, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Athens, OH 16 January 2019

The Engineering Ambassadors once again participated as judges for the Future City Regional Competition in Columbus, Ohio last Saturday. The Future City competition inspires middle-school students to come up with feasible and creative designs for a city of the future. They develop skills such as engineering problem-solving, public speaking, time management and many more.

The competitors had to write an essay, build their city on Sim City and then present a model of their city to a panel of judges. In addition, each year the competitors are given a special criterion that their city must meet. Last year, they were tasked with making their future city age-friendly with special consideration for their elderly population. This year, natural disasters were the focus, so the competitors had to design cities that could keep their citizens safe during catastrophes from hurricanes to volcanoes.

The 3D models of the future cities were inventive and impressive. A significant portion of the model had to be made from recycled materials, so plastic water bottles were seen to make excellent sky scrapers. Additionally, the models had to have a moving part. Some cities had spinning windmills while other cities made cars moving along magnetic tracks.

The dedication of the competitors to their Future City projects made judging the competition that much more enjoyable. This was seen through the informative and humorous presentations, and the well thought-out answers to the judges’ questions at the end of the presentations.

Overall, the Future City competition is excellent at teaching kids about engineering and inspiring students to consider the field and the Engineering Ambassadors were honored to be a part of it.

Bingo Night at Lindley Inn

Jelena Mrvos

Jelena Mrvos,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 12 November 2018

Last week, a couple of ambassadors and I went to the Lindley Inn Assisted Living Home to play bingo! Residents there play bingo three times a week, so every once in a while the ambassadors will come play along with them. Julia, Quinn, and I spent about an hour there, and the time flew right by! I never expected to have as much fun playing bingo as I did last night.

All of the residents were so excited it was bingo night. Multiple people told me it’s their favorite type of game night that Lindley organizes. We all sat around at a big table, and each person got two bingo boards. Quinn called the numbers, while Julia and I played alongside the residents. As numbers on our cards were called, we put marbles over each square to keep track of our points.

My favorite part of the evening was getting to know a few of the residents, and I spent a majority of the night talking with a woman named Marianne. She was the life of the party that night! Whether she was reminding a fellow ambassador how to properly call the bingo numbers, or checking her friends’ boards to make sure they didn’t miss anything that was called, Marianne’s spunk kept things interesting!

All three of us had a great time that night, and we are already looking forward to another trip back to Lindley Inn!

“Meet the Ambassadors” Event

Tanner Wick

Tanner Wick,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 8 October 2018

On October 3rd, the Engineering Ambassadors hosted “Meet the Ambassadors” in the Academic and Research Center. Food and drinks were provided to students in exchange for feedback on the Russ College. The ambassadors were interested in student input about the college facilities, classes, and amenities.

The event was a huge success! There was a total of 196 suggestions. The External Relations committee divided up the feedback into multiple categories including room layouts, career development, and major-specific topics. Each category was analyzed for common themes and discussed for feasibility.

Now that the information has been organized, the External Relations committee is meeting with college faculty and the Dean to relay student input to them. One goal of the ambassadors is to bridge the needs of students with the attention of administrators.

A few key topics we are focusing on include study room availability with a reservation system, technical issues in the computer labs, and facility maintenance requests. Once a decision is made for plausible changes, the ambassadors will follow up during their implementation. Ultimately, the external relations committee is eager to continue Meet the Ambassadors in the future and continue to learn of student concerns within the college.

Etiquette Dinner

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 20 September 2018

Last week the ambassadors, along with students from other engineering organizations, attended the Etiquette Dinner. At this event we learned proper dining etiquette that is essential for events such as corporate lunches and job interviews occurring over a meal.

During the evening, we were served a delicious meal consisting of many courses, each course with different rules regarding how it should be eaten, what utensils to use, and where utensils should be placed while eating. It was interesting and quite shocking, to be honest, to see all of the traditional rules of dining etiquette@mdash;especially since before the dinner, I honestly didn’t know which utensilscorresponded to which dish and that all of those dining-rules even existed!

All of the information shared during the dinner was very useful even though there were some odd rules. Some interesting ones included: when eating soup, you spoon soup away from you and when eating chicken in the main course, you cut with your dominant hand and hold the fork with your non-dominant hand, and then when you are ready to take a bite, you have to put the knife down and switch the fork to your dominant hand to eat.

These rules seemed to go against my usual eating habits, so it was difficult to avoid subconsciously reverting to my usual habits. But now because of the Etiquette Dinner, I know and am conscious of the proper manners for professional dining.

Saturday at The Ridges on the Challenge Course

Julia Nebbia

Julia Nebbia,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 10 September 2018

On this past Saturday morning, a group of ambassadors set out bright and early for some challenging fun at The Ridges. As we gathered together, with donuts courtesy of Dr. Masel, we were all a little curious to see what activities awaited us. As soon as everyone arrived safely, we started off with a name game that entailed introducing ourselves with a witty name and an appropriate motion (mine being Jazzy Julia featuring jazz hands).

Ohio University Challenge Course

After some laughs, we then went right into a variety of different activities designed to test our team coordination, trust, and ability to “weinie walk”, a skill that many of us learned that day. We participated in a mute, balance test on a log where we tried to order ourselves by birthdate. Then, we were blindfolded and directed to make shapes while holding onto a rope. We had to rely on feeling the tension of our neighbors’ rope and sometimes, snapping our fingers, to get to where we thought we should be (we didn’t do too bad!)

Soon enough, the rain started to come down so we took the fun indoors and played blind, underwater jenga, human knot, and a few more games.

After three hours, our fun came to an end and we were all ready to head home. Altogether, the experience at the ridges brought us together as a team. We were pushed to think in different ways, rely on each other, and use each of our strengths to the fullest. The lessons we learned at the ridges can be applied to our work on campus as Russ College Ambassadors. We strengthened our ability to communicate, strategize, work together and support one another.

I’d say it was a very successful Saturday!

First-Year Student Welcome Dinner

Mia Wilson

Mia Wilson,
Senior, Electrical Engineering

Athens, OH 27 August 2018

Last night, the Ambassadors teamed up with faculty and other volunteers to welcome the new first-year students into the Russ College. Starting in the ARC Atrium and ending in Baker Ballroom, our goal was to help the students see what our college has to offer.

Throughout Stocker Center and ARC, there were displays set up for the students to visit. Some of these displays were concentrated on research upperclassman students had been working on in different majors, while others were focused on making sure the first-year students knew about resources that the college offers, like the Virtual Desktop.

An event like this is a way for the students to observe what a future with Ohio University is like. They get to see what other students have been able to accomplish during their time here and even possibly get involved themselves. That night I believe they got to see how we Create for Good.

We finished off the night by walking over to Baker Ballroom for the Welcome Dinner. Sitting at tables made up of faculty, ambassadors, and students, we all were able to get to know each other over a plate of lasagna and cookies. They asked us their burning questions. We got to ask about their future plans.

Lastly, we listened to Dean Irwin and Associate Dean McAvoy express their hopes for what the new first-year students could bring to our community, and, additionally, what the College is hoping to give back to them. The first-year students left full of food and hope for what the next years could bring!

Welcoming New Russ College Students

Andrew Noll

Andrew Noll,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 26 August 2018

Yesterday, the Russ College hosted an event for all new Russ College students to come to West Green and learn more about their decision to join the Russ College community. The students arrived at the Academic and Research Center (ARC), where they were were broken up by major and attended a presentation given by the ambassadors from their major.

The students had some ice breaker activities to meet their fellow classmates and make connections with others. The ambassadors’ focus was to get the new students acclimated to the events going on around Russ College, introduce their majors, and answer any questions the new students may have. This is a great opportunity for the them to ask about their classes and the logistics of the major and also for the ambassadors to promote involvement in and outside the Russ College.

The ambassadors then took the students on a tour around the ARC, Stocker, and their respective classrooms/labs. This gave the new students a chance to figure out where they need to go to class for their first week and ask more about what practical work they can expect to see.

After the tour, the students had a chance to get some free Kiser’s and talk to other ambassadors in a more informal environment. Students asked questions to the upperclassman about college life, life/career advice, and more importantly, make some friends!

Overall, we had over 200 first-year students turn out and it was an excellent event to take some of the stress of a new environment off the student, while providing them with resources for help during the semester.