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Visit to Dayton

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Junior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 7 April 2019

Being a part of student organizations has truly helped me to travel and see things that I would have never been able to do or gone to do on my own. In the fall, I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago with members of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers to see the International Manufacturing Technology Show. This is one of the largest conventions in the nation!

Not only did we have the opportunity to see the crazy new technology out there, but also I got to actually see the city of Chicago instead of just driving through. The best part of this trip was building some amazing friendships. The people I spent 10 hours with in the car are now my best friends.

Similar to the Chicago trip, this past weekend I represented SME again at a different event. This time I traveled with students from the Society Hispanic Professional Engineers and Renaissance Engineers to Russ Research Center located in Beavercreek, Ohio.

I had never seen this building and I live just south in Cincinnati. We had the opportunity to tour some of the companies working there and see their research. Triad Technologies, Adaptive Cooperation, WPAFB, and more presented to us.

After the long day of listening, we then went to Wright State and stayed in their dorms for the night. A throwback memory of freshman year for sure! The next morning, Dr. Pagan took us to the Air Force Museum. I had never been there and again, I live only a short drive from the base.

Walking up to the building, I felt so small. Each area could hold over 4,400 people. I could have spent a whole day in each area of that museum. It was honestly one of the coolest museums I have been through. I also got to walk through the Presidential planes!

It was truly an amazing experience and another one I will not forget. I am very thankful for being able to take trips like these and they have impacted me and my experience here at OU. I am also very thankful we have professors here that take the extra time to give us these kinds of experiences.

Spring PLC Project

Andrew Noll

Andrew Noll,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 18 March 2019

PLC stands for programmable logic controller, which is a type of ladder logic code that is used in industry to control robotics, and other machines, mostly for manufacturing processes such as conveyors. I am taking the PLC class currently here at Ohio University, and am very interested in the application of this technology.

While I was at Toyota, I did some PLC modifications to the assembly line machines in order to decrease the WIP (work in progress) stock on the line. Now for my PLC project I will not be working with anything quite as advanced, but I am designing and building an automated ball launcher.

My requirements were that my dog can trigger it himself so while I am working full time he can still burn off some steam, and that it is enclosed and safe to him. The device includes a spring powered arm driven by an electric motor. It will have a sensor to determine if the ball is loaded, a limit switch to shut off the motor, as well as two relays.

The mechanical aspect of the ball launcher is as follows: the free swinging “launch” arm is pulled around by the motor. Once the arm gets parallel with the base of the device, the spring will bring the it around and hit the ball sitting in home position.

I currently am scrapping most parts from other projects or random materials I find laying around, so I know I will need to revisit this project and make a more robust and hopefully more efficient ball launcher this summer!

Joining the Sales Centre

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Junior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 22 February 2019

This semester I decided to go out on a limb and broaden my options for a career. After speaking with several of my professors, having coffee with another professor and networking with a student involved, I decided this was my chance: I then began the application process for The Ralph and Luci Schey Sales Centre. The application process is rather lengthy, but very detailed, with a very difficult interview immediately following.

Many think of sales being only Business majors or Communication majors but that is not true at all! I didn’t realize until now all the endless opportunities there are for Engineers in sales. Technical Sales or Sales Engineering are two rather popular positions. Already working towards a technical degree and being a social position I though why not?

On the day of my interview, I put my best on and headed to Nelson Commons where there where many booths and lots of tables with applicants filling the seats. I was approached by the co-chair of the Schey Centre and between her and a business partner, I proceeded with the most difficult interview I have ever had!

The interview was very well structured, and I found to be valuable regardless of the result. Two days later, I woke up to my acceptance letter. I was a part of the 27% accepted into the #1 Collegiate Sales Program in the nation!

I am very proud of making it in and can’t express how important it is to get into different programs like these while you are in college. Not only am I able to take classes and earn a certificate in sales, but I also now have Monday night workshops and plenty of professional development opportunities.

Some of these workshops are run by the Schey’s business partners, therefore putting me in front of more career paths! I also have already attended my first Schey Career Fair. This career fair is only open to Schey Members (super awesome amenity). Did I mention the Schey has 100% job placement? I highly encourage joining this!

ETM Senior Capstone

Andrew Noll

Andrew Noll,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 12 February 2019

As I start my senior year this spring, I also start the first semester of my senior capstone project. In engineering technology and management, our project is to create a usable product made up of a minimum of 12 parts, and at least one moving part. We have to make the design, CAD models, project documentation, and finances of the product this semester.

Next semester we will create tooling and actually perform a mock production run in which we must fully fabricate and assemble 21 of these products in under 6 hours. Our product is a video game console station. This station will fit a PS4 or XBOX as well as two controllers, a headset and up to 12 of the user’s favorite games.

Each team member must take on a real title such as production manager, engineering manager, quality manager, etc. I chose to take on the role of project manager so I am responsible for the project documentation, maintaining the timeline and managing the overall progress of the project. I am very interested in being a project manager when I enter the industry because I possess the qualities that make up a good manager such as people skills, organization, time management and I am passionate and focused on the projects I take on.

I hope this senior project will help me grow in those ways and give me valuable talking points and real experience with project management, so that I can become a valuable manager at whatever company I end up with.

Winter in Athens

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Junior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 27 January 2019

I fell in love with Athens when I came on my first tour during the spring when all the trees were in full bloom. The Japanese Cherry Blossoms along the bike trail are a beautiful sight to see.

Unlike spring, where there are so many different colors to see, winter in Athens is just as pretty. Since there are so many trees, the snow has plenty of different places to set. The scenery in this town is breathtaking. Not to mention, if the icing trees and hills of Athens aren’t pretty enough, Hocking Hills is just a short drive away. Snowy or frozen waterfalls await in Old Man’s Cave. I never liked winters until I lived here!

When snow falls here in Athens, the childhood spirit comes out in the college students as we are quick to grab garbage can lids and take off sledding down the hills and snow covered streets. When all of us returned to campus a few weeks ago campus was closed due to five inches of snow. The students rushed to the streets and started a snowball fight! Who knew a little snow would turn adults into kids so quick! My friends and I went sledding and one of
them snowboarded down Jeff Hill.

We don’t get many snow days in college, but when we do, we take advantage of them! Our one or two snow days during our college careers are filled with snowball fights, sledding, snowboarding and plenty of hot cocoa to stay warm! Who would have though snow days in a college town would not only be beautiful but filled with excitement and fun! So, don’t forget to wear your pajamas backwards, flush ice down the toilet and do the snow dance. It is well worth

Coping with it All

Andrew Noll

Andrew Noll,
Senior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 29 November 2018

School is a stressful time, for everyone, but more so for engineers due to the heavy workload. Stress can take on a lot of forms and create high anxiety, bad moods and an overall poor outlook on things. I think it’s very important to focus on one’s current stress level, what those stressors are, the effects of them, and what they can do to help.

From my college experience with friends and talking with other students, it seems to me people don’t make an effort to address these issues and get stuck in the mindset of “It’s just stress, its unavoidable and I just have to deal with it”. I believe having a more structured process to combatting stress can be beneficial for everyone.

Once you identify the stressors in your life, and its decided they cannot be removed, I like to find things that I love to do. I like to work out, take my dog on hikes, fish, and other activities that take my mind away from the stress for a little while. With our crazy lives it can be hard to find time for these activities.

I believe there is a secondary tier of stress reducers which are those little things you can fit into your life without deviating from your daily tasks. A lot of these things can be done in the shower, walking to class, between classes and on your commute home. These include listening to your favorite music (at the highest volume, in my case), calling a family member or friend for 5 minutes, reading an interesting article, or reminiscing on a successful weekend or a long-lost happy memory. To me, these little things get me through the day, then the week, then the semester.

To go along with this, my one piece of advice is to take 10 minutes out of your day to do absolutely nothing. This time for me is right when I wake up in the morning. I lay down with my dog and do nothing but listen to him breathe, or I stare at the ceiling and think about the good things in my life. We have a lot to be thankful for and we can’t let the toll of stress make us forget that.

Database Systems and Programming

Allie Gabbard

Allie Gabbard,
Junior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 18 November 2018

With the semester finally coming to an end, I am more than happy to discuss my project that I have been working on in my ETM 3310 class. This class focuses on database systems and programming. I am not the best at programming, but this class has truly showed me how much I have learned from day 1. This class mimics real world applications and encourages creativity, something I really lack at times. Given only the expectations of the program itself, this project has challenged me to not only correctly program to a database but also challenged me to think creatively when developing a user-friendly form.

I just finished the fourth lab to this project. For this project we are programming a Hot Wheels Racetrack. When there is no car on the track a red light will display, when the car is set in the track a yellow caution light will blink for three seconds then a green light will turn on, the gate will drop, and a stopwatch will time the car until it makes it to the finish line. At first, my classmates and I thought this was challenging until we were given the task of scanning the car into a database and selecting different track length to keep track of the race statistics. Next, we will be writing everything from the database to update into a website. What a challenge!

Complaining about a challenge is just showing how much we truly care about the work we do. Nothing is more rewarding than solving these problems and seeing the programs we write come to life. What seems like a simple task becomes a whirlwind of problems and code to debug. Finishing these projects and sharing them gives me the strongest sense of accomplishment and just pushes me to do my best each time. It’s classes like these that have made me the student I am and push me to look for challenges.