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ISE Internship at Lincoln Electric

Paige Preske

Paige Preske,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 27 August 2015

This summer I had the pleasure of being a summer intern at The Lincoln Electric Company, the leading manufacture in welding. Going into this experience I was very nervous because not only was it was my first internship, which is nerve-wracking in itself, but I also knew nothing about welding. My biggest worry was that I wouldn’t know how to apply my past three years of schooling on the job, or worse yet not remember what I’ve learned in school. These fears were quickly overcome. My past studies paid off immensely and with the guidance of Lincoln Electric I had an incredible summer internship. I attended Weld School, worked on money-saving projects, attended networking events, and made good friends with the other interns.


After the completion of my internship I was able to apply and interview for a full time position with Lincoln Electric as one of their engineering trainees. When I started the internship I didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduation, today I still am unsure. The difference now is that I am aware of the many opportunities available with an engineering degree. As my senior year progresses, I’m excited to continue developing in my field and exploring the numerous opportunities quickly approaching.

Summer Co-op at Basic Systems

Melinda Nelson

Melinda Nelson,
Senior, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 28 August 2015

This summer I interned at Basic Systems, Inc. in Cambridge, Ohio. They design natural gas compressor stations for companies across the country. Natural gas is a field that has really come alive around the Cambridge area, which is where I am from. It was very exciting for me to be able to be a part a company designing the types of stations that are used in the industry I see every day around my home.

Going into the job, I had taken one introductory AutoCAD course, and at Basic, AutoCAD is the main tool we used. Needless to say, I was a little nervous about knowing enough to get the job done! I quickly learned something about employers, though: they don’t expect you to know everything on the first day. What they do expect is for you to ask questions and learn by doing the work.

Throughout this experience I learned a lot about what actually goes on in an engineering workplace. Unlike the typical engineering description, “doing math and science”, the engineers at work act as project planners, customer representatives and budgeters. It was cool to see how much of the skills we learn (besides math and science) go into getting the job done in a way that makes the customer happy (which is the ultimate goal!).

Working wasn’t all I did there, I also got to visit a compressor station (my favorite part!!) that was designed at Basic Systems. It was cool to see how the designs come to life in the field. The accomplishment of delivering a product to a customer is very rewarding.

Site Visit: Rockport Compressor Station, Rockport West Virginia.

A lesson that I took away from this experience that will forever remain with me is that in life, since you can’t know everything, continual learning is a necessity. I am really glad I had the opportunity to work an internship this summer.

Efficiency in Commencement

Casey Davis

Casey Davis,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 3 May 2015

As another year ends at Ohio University, there are many smiles along with long faces from departing seniors. One of the greatest moments of a young aspiring college student is walking across the podium hearing your name called as your family screams in your honor. Four (or five) years of hard work can be celebrated with you and thousands of other happy graduates.

Friends at Commencement

One of the greatest things about the graduation weekend was how well-organized the commencement ceremony was conducted. As an industrial engineer, efficiency is ingrained into your head after four years of classes preaching efficient processes and reduction of many kinds of waste. Many of us can attest that sitting through a 4-hour commencement is not the greatest reward for a graduate or their celebrating family. Many collegiate graduations have two portions, which can indeed cause extreme drowsiness.

Ohio University had the PhD and Master’s graduations on the first day of graduation weekend (Friday). There were two additional splits amongst the colleges for the undergraduate degrees on Saturday. Then, once the degrees were given to the graduates and their name was called, they were free to go as well as their families. This received much praise from my supporting cast as it reduced the traffic in the Convocation Center and allowed for easier exit. This reduces risk, increases happiness, and provides an efficient conferral of degrees. As this was the 200th commencement for Ohio University, I think they have achieved efficiency through experience.

OU Commencement 2015

Athens Startup Weekend

Eric May

Eric May,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 16 March 2015

This past weekend I had the opportunity to participate in Athens Startup Weekend at the Ohio University Innovation Center. For those of you who may not be familiar with it, Startup Weekend is a 54-hour event where students and local community members get together to come up with ideas, create marketable products, and validate their business model. During the weekend you receive feedback from coaches and mentors who have started businesses to help you as well. Oh, and it was free for us Russ College students. :)

The team I was on consisted of 3 students from the Russ College of Engineering and Technology as well as another Ohio University student from outside the College. We came up with an idea for a job searching site that would focus on a particular market segment that we believe other job searching sites are missing or don’t do well. We spent the entire weekend validating our business model, identifying our revenue streams, analyzing our competitors, and pitching our ideas.

Startup Weekend

At Ohio University, and the Russ College, we look to do more than just be engineers and I think that is one of our key competitive advantages. Engineering students come to the Russ College to learn how to be engineers, of course, but we also help students combine their engineering skills with their other passions so that they can hopefully Create for Good in new and innovative ways. It’s hard to find that anywhere else.

Also… I’m really looking forward to the warm weather.

Institute of Industrial Engineers Regional Conference

Casey Davis

Casey Davis,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 25 February 2015

This past weekend there was a very exciting event going on at Purdue University. Every year, IIE puts on regional conferences across the country; ours is appropriately named the Great Lakes region. Schools with IIE chapters in this region include Ohio State, Purdue, Western Michigan, Wayne State, and many others.

This conference was a great opportunity to network and meet others from the same field in order to see what is occurring in academia and in the real world relating to industrial engineering. The theme of the conference was “rethink IE”, in reference to our ever-expanding and changing major. There was a push for the students and faculty to reflect upon how our major has developed from simple work design and time studies, to complicated genetic algorithms and neural networks. There was much optimism for the Ohio University students as we attended lectures and sessions pertaining to everything in the IE professional world such as Health Care to Supply Chain Management to consulting IE.

In addition to the professional development we also attended a career fair with big companies such as Whirlpool, Halliburton, Disney, GE, and many others. Purdue also set up a plant tour for the visiting schools at the Subaru manufacturing plant near campus. This plant consisted of over 4000 employees, a massive assembly line, and well-designed material handling system. This plant had yearly output of about 310,000 cars just to give you some idea of the sheer size of this facility.

These events and opportunities are a huge leg up in the professional and personal world as you can discuss things with potential employers, faculty, and peers. In addition to the professional side we also had a few socials with the schools that attended, which allowed people to bond on a more personal level with students from other schools that attended. (OU’s students were the best dancers…).

One of the greatest aspects of this trip is that the Russ College essentially paid for everything–a nearly all-expense paid professional trip before you are in the working world definitely shows OU’s commitment to its students and their development.

OU Students at the IIE Conference

I am extremely happy I attended this conference and due to the fact I will be here next year for graduate school next year I will be at the next conference for sure and for prospective and current students, I advise them to the same.

Online Job Searching

Casey Davis

Casey Davis,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 03 February 2015

These days everything you want to find out about or are interested has information online. As a university student how can you use this to benefit you? Should you just use Google and look up engineering jobs? Is there a possibility to narrow down your search to specific areas of interest?

Here at Ohio University there are many different avenues for those of you that don’t exactly know where you are going to work and apply your education. These tools are effective in gaining access to areas of the world that before the internet would have been much more difficult.

For example, there’s the CLDC (Career and Leadership Development Center) and Bobcat CareerLink. For those of you that have never created a resume before college (or a good one at least) the CLDC will go over your resume give you helpful hints and give you the tools to highlight your quality talents and accomplishments. When your resume is improved and looking good you can post it on Bobcat CareerLink. This is a job web site that students and employers can find jobs and candidates that they believe will fit their needs.

I myself have been contacted by Epic (a healthcare software developer) and Honda without applying–employers contacted me, not the other way around. Trust me there is no better feeling than hearing from an employer they want you to interview. This makes job searches/getting an initial job much easier.

There is also a LinkedIn group that consists of Bobcat alums. You can see where they live, who they work for, and the category in which they work (education, consulting, engineering…). This allows for you to contact specific alumni and at the very least find out helpful hints about certain jobs/interview processes. All of these avenues give you a leg up from the competition and will allow you to make yourself stand out from the rest.

The Intimacy of Athens

Eric May

Eric May,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 29 January 2015

Athens is truly a college town. What I mean by that is you can thrive here using your own two legs. When prospective students are looking at where to go to college, I think that they often don’t consider whether or not they need a car or how close together the campus is. Coming from Columbus, Ohio, I drove everywhere. In Athens, I drive maybe once per week to get groceries. I love this because I get to exercise and I’m constantly running into my classmates and friends on Court Street and around campus. Not a single day goes by where I don’t run into somebody. This kind of intimacy allows for a very relaxed, inviting, fun, and creative atmosphere. Working on a project at a coffee shop, and perhaps somebody walks by and has a great insight or can help you at a point where you’re stuck–those kind of interactions that are common here.

But it’s not just work. Recently I was at the Cider House with a great friend. Some of the bars have board games and puzzles and things like that. What better way to spend an evening than sitting on a couch, not at home, and playing games and having fun and building friendships?

Jenga Tower

Of course you can do this anywhere, but in Athens you can do this casually, which I think is incredibly important. If I wanted to do this in a city like Columbus, it becomes an ordeal. I have to get in my car, drive somewhere, park, worry about driving, etc. In Athens, it’s just “Oh, hey, let’s go watch the Bobcat basketball game” or “Hey, let’s meet for breakfast at Casa Nueva.” These things don’t need to be planned well in advance. It feeds a student’s creativity and creates a much better atmosphere than I’ve seen in many other places.