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Last Semester of College

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 23 March 2020

During my first few semesters at OU, I was already counting down the days to graduation. I was homesick, ready to be done with school entirely, and really didn’t know my place in Athens. Fast forward two years later, I don’t ever want to leave. The thought of not struggling through classes with my friends, not having life chats with my professors, and not being able to go for a run through campus on a nice day is truly heartbreaking.

After I graduate, I’m moving to Phoenix, Arizona to work for Freeport-McMoRan as a Mechanical Engineer. Although I’m excited to live in Arizona and start the next chapter of my life, I’m going to miss my friends, family, and the campus I’ve got to call home these past four years.

It’s bittersweet that the last couple months I have until graduation are filled with online classes and self-quarantines, but it just makes me that much more appreciative of the time and memories I’ve made. After all the craziness settles, I’ll be able to reconnect with friends before I move out in June. But until then, all I can do is make the best of my remaining time in Athens and be thankful for all the wonderful times I’ve had here!

Spring Break Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains

Logan Veley

Logan Veley,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 17 March 2020

I really enjoy any chance to get can’t wait to get outdoors. Over spring break, I was lucky to spend my week exploring the Great Smoky Mountains. It was my first time being able to hike in the mountains, and I loved each and every view.

Great Smoky Mountains

My girlfriend and I trekked off to multiple waterfalls that cut into the remote mountainsides. Every time we hiked or drove past one of the rivers, the clarity of the water blew my mind. You could always see the bottom of the river even when it was around six feet deep. Someday, I would love to return to trout fish in the rivers and brooks.

Great Smoky Mountains

The pictures show two of the highlights of the trip. Our hike along the Appalachian Trail provided scenic mountain overlooks, and Spruce Flats Falls was at full effect from the recent rain. I had so much fun exploring a new part of the country, and I can’t wait for my next trip to mountains.

Enjoying OU Sports

JKay Dunlevy

Kay Dunlevy,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 1 March 2020

Since it’s my last year at OU, I’ve been trying to do as many of my favorite things in Athens as I can. This means that I’ve spent a lot of time with friends, had many milkshakes from Larry’s Dawg House, and gone to a lot of OU games. Specifically, I love going to the basketball and hockey games.

Basketball is something I’ve always enjoyed. Growing up, my mom taught at a high school that had a great basketball team, so we would watch her students play every week and follow them to tournament games all over the state. When I got into high school, I loved being the student section and cheering on our team.

Going to OU basketball games brings back all of that nostalgia and excitement – the band plays all sorts of bops to get the crowd riled up, you’re standing and cheering with all of your friends, and you can’t get help but get sucked into the action! Below is some of my friends and I hanging out with Rufus at a basketball game.

Hanging out with Rufus at a basketball game!

Hockey, on the other hand, is something I never really watched until I came to OU. Now, it is by far one of my favorite sport. How can you not enjoy a sport where people are constantly smacking into walls and playing super aggressively?!?

There’s also a lot of little things about hockey games that you don’t get at other sports. For example, Rex (the dinosaur at the hockey games) runs around the whole game and tries to annoy the players from the opposing team. Plus, you’re in a pretty small area, so the noise from the crowd and the music on the loudspeakers get amplified, making the hockey arena a super fun environment to be in! Below is my friends and I having fun at the hockey game.

Having fun at the hockey game!

Overall, it’s been fun to get spend time with my friends at all of the games. As a school, we’re a pretty spirited bunch, and cheering on our teams really brings that out!

Enjoying the Hocking Hills

Logan Veley

Logan Veley,
Junior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 18 February 2020

College is filled with stressful assignments and quizzes, and time management can become overwhelming for even the most proactive students. With all of this stress, it is important for everyone to have something that helps them unwind and de-stress throughout the weeks of the semester. My favorite way to decompress is to spend time outdoors.

The area surrounding Athens provides countless opportunities to spend time hiking, fishing, or hammocking. I love trekking through the trails surrounding Dow Lake to find views overlooking the water, but my favorite plans are to go fishing in the evenings after class.

On weekends when I have more time available, I am able to travel to Hocking Hills to explore the trails and caves. My favorite attraction is Ash Cave. I love the massive overhang and the cool air that sits under the rock shelf.

On my last trip to Hocking Hills, we were lucky to see the waterfall at Cedar Falls flowing in full fashion. With the mist churned up into the crisp air, the worries of classes and homework always fade away. I love how being outdoors helps to clear my mind and prepares me to tackle another week.

Cedar Falls Hocking Hills

My Study Place

Brittany Hesson

Brittany Hesson,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 16 February 2020

Senior year of college consists of projects, papers, and planning. Trying to get all assignments done on time can sometimes be tricky and stressful. One of the things I to do to reduce stress and make me focus on my assignments is find a good place to study.

This semester I have been doing a lot of studying in a place I like to call the thinking corner. The thinking corner is in my bedroom and it is a little spot in between the bed and the wall. It sounds silly, but it is a cozy and isolated spot that where I like to sit and do a lot of my assignments. Another perk of the thinking corner is that it has a heating vent that provides the space with toasty air, which makes it the perfect spot for winter studying.

Recently I have been able to share the thinking corner with my best friend Maggie. We sit in the thinking corner and work on our assignments together, which is a lot of fun. Usually while we are doing homework, we play music to help us focus. Some of our favorite music includes punk-rock, Justin Bieber and Harry Styles.

Study Place

No matter where you are or what you are doing spending time with your best friend before she leaves for Arizona is all that matters. Even if you are sitting in a small crack in between your bed and the wall…

My Last Sibs Weekend at OU

Maggie Allen

Maggie Allen,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 10 February 2020

Ever since I was a sophomore in high school, I’ve spent Sibs Weekend at OU with my sister, Abby. Abby is three years older than me and graduated from OU with her undergrad in Chemical Engineering and her Master’s in Biomedical Engineering. Even after Abby graduated and moved to Pittsburgh, she still comes to Athens every Sibs Weekend!

This past weekend was Sibs Weekend at OU, and I had so much fun spending time with my sister! On Friday, we went to Bagel Street and 80’s night at Casa with some of my friends. We aren’t huge fans of 80’s music, but one of our favorite artists is Queen (they did play one Queen song)!

On Saturday, we went to the Athens Farmers Market (which my sister loves going to) and an OU Basketball game with my best friends, and fellow engineers and ambassadors, Brittany and Kay. On Sunday, we walked around The Ridges (one of my sister’s favorite OU spots) and got lunch with my parents who came down from Columbus.

Sibs Weekend Basketball

As I am already one-third of the way done with my last semester of college, it’s a bummer that this is the last Sibs Weekend I get to spend with my sister. Even though this was our last Sibs Weekend, I’ll cherish these memories forever and look forward to visiting OU together for Homecoming!

License Plates

JKay Dunlevy

Kay Dunlevy,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 24 January 2020

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the license plate game. For those who don’t know, this game involves trying to find as many different license plates as possible. But this is not to be taken lightly – there are rules:

  • Every US state is 10 points. Each state can only be counted one time.
  • A license plate from a US territory, Canada, Native American tribe, or Mexico is only 1 point, but a plate from each specific region can be counted up to ten times.
  • Other plates are 20 points and can only be counted one time.
  • The license plate must be on a vehicle and seen in person by the one playing the game.

Since I’ve been going to OU, I’ve had one goal: find license plates from every state while in Athens. And let me tell you—this journey has been exhilarating.

Of course, the longer I’m in school, the harder it is to find new license plates. When I started my senior year, the pressure was really on—I only had one more year to find every license plate before leaving. The best chance of finding difficult plates is at graduation, but waiting until the last minute like that is a dangerous game fraught with risk. So, I enlisted the help of friends to help me with my quest.


This tactic proved to be extremely effective—whenever someone saw a cool license plate, they’d call me and tell me where it was so I could run to see it myself. For example, I was only able to find Arkansas and the elusive Hawaii plate because my friends were looking out for me!


Overall, I had a lot of fun trying to find all these plates and bringing my friends along with me. Not only have I found all the states, I’ve found places like Great Britain and the Choctaw Nation too! If you’re a license plate hunter, I would recommend coming to Athens—for a small town, it’s surprisingly diverse!