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Aviation Weather

Kimi Segarra-Ibañez

Kimi Segarra-Ibañez,
Junior, Aviation

Athens, OH 11 February 2019

After a nice winter break involving a family vacation to New York and Philadelphia, the upcoming Spring semester is looking to be busy but full of great opportunities. This semester I am taking all Aviation classes and my favorite has to be Aviation Weather. We are constantly learning about all the different types of weather phenomenon and how they affect aviation.

Another aspect of Aviation Weather is seeing all the case studies of other pilots in different types of aircraft. The case studies go in depth on how specific weather affects flight.

Also new to this Spring Semester is my involvement in an new organization with the Russ College Engineering Ambassadors. I was nervous at first to join, but they have welcomed me with open arms. What the ambassadors actually do is give tours and spread the good name of the Russ College to potential future freshman here at Ohio University interested in engineering. I have yet to give a tour but I am still excited to get involved and talk about my experiences to possible students and their parents.