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Next Steps

Alvin Chaney

Alvin Chaney,
Senior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 17 February 2020

It is my last semester here at OHIO! I cannot believe that these four years have flown by. It is bittersweet—I am excited for my next steps, but I will definitely miss Ohio University.

It is early February, so time is ticking towards graduation in May. Currently, I am in the law school application process, and it is exciting to see my next steps unfold before me. However, without the help of God, my parents, professors, and everyone else in my “village”, I would not be able to see my dreams come to fruition.

Four years ago, I would not have ever imagined how special my time here at OHIO would be. Your four years will fly by so maximize them while you are here:

  • Take classes that interest you.

  • Get involved in organizations that may be outside of your major.

  • Share your interests with your fellow professors and classmates, you may be surprised how quickly a conversation can start.

  • Find common threads with others to develop relationships.

  • Dream big and bold, then write them down. So, when you come to OHIO, someone here is willing to listen and help you see it through.

Studying at Jefferson Marketplace

Alvin Chaney

Alvin Chaney,
Junior, Industrial & Systems Engineering

Athens, OH 10 February 2019

If you are looking for a great place to study or socialize, I would suggest one of the best places on campus: the Jefferson Marketplace/Jefferson Hall Lobby.

For my first two years on campus, I lived on East Green in the Read/Johnson Complex. I would usually study at Alden Library, but occasionally, I would study in the engineering buildings (Stocker or the Academic and Research Center) or somewhere else.

However, after the renovation of Jefferson Hall, I found a great place to study where I could complete my work in a serene and comfortable environment. While there, you can grab a sandwich from Brick City Deli, then grab a cup of coffee (or tea) from Steeped and Stirred, and finally, find a suitable location to study which varies from room to room. All the study spaces include whiteboards and space for group projects, whether in the individual, multipurpose or corridor areas.

Overall, from the fireplace in the lobby to the cozy seats in the corridor, Jefferson does a great job in helping you feel comfortable and cozy. And plus, if you need snacks, the market is within reach.

If you are ever on East Green, I highly recommend studying (or socializing) there, it is definitely a memorable spot!

Staying Present for Senior Year

Jelena Mrvos

Jelena Mrvos,
Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Athens, OH 16 November 2018

“Time flies,” is a phrase everyone has not only heard, but experienced firsthand. I don’t know if time is “flying” faster as I get older, but it sure seems like it. It is coming up on the close of fall semester, and I still can’t even believe I am a
senior! Where did the past three years go?

In order to make the most of my remaining time here in Athens, I am on a mission to stay present. Practicing mindfulness is a habit that I believe everyone should partake in, especially my fellow seniors. It is so easy to get caught up in homework, projects, research, etc., and before you know it it’s mid-November! However, by practicing mindfulness, I have been able to slow down the endless ticking of the clock. (Or at least feel like I have!)

I am intentionally looking around the buildings I walk through every day, and noticing different things each time. I am enjoying being constantly surrounded by friends and peers, because I know getting together with them is going to be exponentially harder this time next year. I am taking advantage of having brilliant professors at my fingertips, and am soaking up as much of their knowledge and wisdom as possible. I am allowing the nostalgia to creep in! Hopefully May graduation takes its time coming around the corner.

Take a step back and “zoom out” on your routine. You just might see things in a new light!

Recommendations for Enjoying College

Becca Sedlak

Becca Sedlak,
Senior, Aviation Flight

Athens, OH 22 April 2018

With the final few weeks and graduation coming closer I feel as if my days are numbered at Ohio University. I look back and know that I made the right choice by going to OU. I have countless memories and will be sad leaving such a friendly and amazing place.

There are some recommendations for incoming freshman that I have learned over the past four years. The first recommendation is to live in a freshman-only dorm. This sounds odd but everyone in the entire building is going through what you are going through and is more willing to try something new.

Second is to try something new, make a bucket list of things you want to get done before you graduate. I did that and have climbed the rock wall, went hiking all over campus, went to at least one game for each sporting event and joined a club that was outside of my major.

My last recommendation is to not be afraid to spread your wings and find new friends, but don’t forget your old friends in the process. Having different friends will help you explore and have new experiences, but friends you came into college with are there for you when you are home sick and they understand.

These are just a few of my recommendations, but whatever you do, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and enjoy the time that you have at Ohio University because it goes a lot faster than you think!

The Importance of Advisors

Brandon Mahr

Brandon Mahr,
Junior, Engineering Technology & Management

Athens, OH 2 March 2017

Often times faculty adviser meetings are overlooked and thought of as wasted time. I remember going to the first couple of meetings with my adviser and thinking “Why should this person be telling me which classes to choose? Of course, only I know what I want.” Little did I know that my faculty adviser would impact my life so profoundly. In fact, almost every award I have received and everything I have achieved in college is thanks in part to my faculty adviser.

So, it’s clear that my faculty adviser has made an impact on my life, but how can they affect yours as well? First, you must recognize just how important it is to develop relationships with faculty members. I struggled with grasping this concept over the first part of my freshman year, but I quickly realized that students who had positive relationships with faculty members tended to do better in classes than others. Those students were more likely to ask for help from other faculty members and were more likely to be recommended for many things, whether it be jobs, awards, or club positions.

Once you have grasped that concept, you must really take advantage of it, and one of your first faculty contacts will be with your faculty adviser. Not only will your adviser help you choose which classes to take, but they can also help you land co-ops, internships, or research positions. My adviser led me to both of my internships, and without his help I surely would not have gotten them. Also, you must truly take your adviser’s advice about classes to heart. They know more about the coursework than you do, and you should heed their advice. If you don’t, you may end up working on classwork for 70-80 hours a week like me this semester! Work to develop a strong relationship with your faculty adviser, and you won’t regret it.